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Groom was shot dead During his own wedding Day leaving his bride in a Sorrowful moment and a state of unconsciousness.

Groom was shot dead. Picture of groom and bride

Groom was shot dead During his own wedding Day leaving his bride in a Sorrowful moment and a state of unconsciousness.



A Groom was shot dead in the presence of the bride with the bridal dress splattered with blood as horrified guests watched.

The couple were heading towards their wedding car about 5pm on Saturday when an unknown man opened fire.

Terrified guests following the pair, rushed to help as several bullets struck the groom.

Shocking footage shows the couple’s family and friends panicking as paramedics attempted to save Francis Yeboa from the scene but it could not work.

Groom was shot dead

Despite best efforts, Mr. Francis who was a dual citizen of Ghana and Mexico was pronounced dead at the scene.


According to preliminary investigation, It is believed Mr. Francis, 31, was gunned down by mistake while heeding towards the church with the family members.

Mr. FrancisĀ  was shot, with the bullet hitting her back, reports


However, the bride who was in a state of unconsciousness was dashed to hospital, but was released the same night.


State authorities have not confirmed whether the incident was related to organized crime, with cartel wars rife in the city.


They said he died from a “direct attack” with a firearm and that he could have been killed “by mistake”.


No line of investigation is ruled out and all the necessary Criminal and Field Ballistics expert reports are carried out, in order to fully clarify the facts and find those responsible to do justice.”


According to authorities, another man was shot several times at his wedding in a nearby city on the same night.

State governor Alfonso Durazo said: This was an attack intended for a single individual. and this means that this will not happen just to anyone.”

Probably, Mr. Francis was in longer heads with some one, so do people think.

Others also believed that, Mr. Francis might have dated or forcefully collected someone else’s girl friend which might have resulted in this calamity.

Groom was shot dead

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Source: Daily mail.



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