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BECE 2022/2023 Home Economics Past Questions and Answers.

Home Economics 2022 Past Question and Answers.

BECE 2022/2023 Home Economics Past Questions and Answers..




BECE 2022/2023 Home Economics Past Questions and Answers. Answers are exactly as what WAEC provided.

Question 1
State two yaws of preserving fresh tomatoes

– Bottling/ Addition of safe chemicals
– Canning/ application of high heart or temperature.

bi) Name two examples of vegetable fibers

– Flax ( if you write linen you are wrong why because the fabric is called linen fabric but the or the plant from which we get linen is called flax)
– Jute

bii) State two ways of finishing the edges of a plain seam

– Overcasting
– Edge stitching or machining
– Pinking
– Loop stitching/blanket stitches
– Binding

Ci) State two causes of faults in home furniture.

– Missing nails in joints or bolts and nuts
– Broken tongue at the joints
– Insufficient glue at the joints.

Cii) list three design processes to be considered when making a kitchen stool.

– situation
– solution
– design brief
– investigation
– idea development
– analysis

di) State the cool colours on the six point colour wheel.


– Blue
– Green
– Violet

dii) Give the symbolic meaning to the various line stated below
1, Spiral line

2, Diagonal line

3. Vertical line

4,Zig-zag line


1, spiral line…motional

2,Diagonal..movement, instability.
3, Vertical.. strength, unstability
4.Zig-gag.. Aggressive


Check Question 2 below


Check Question 3 and 4 below


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