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How to teach Kids in Kindergarten & Lower Primary Effectively

How to teach Kids in Kindergarten & Lower Primary Effectively

How to teach Kids in Kindergarten & Lower Primary Effectively.




How to teach Kids in Kindergarten & Lower Primary Effectively is of a core importance to all parents and teachers around the globe.



The transition of kids from toddlerhood to childhood is of a key importance. Their language learning skills and cognitive abilities develop at a rampant space at this moment. Kids enjoy jokes, story telling, riddles etc. They have high imaginations, strong emotions and want to engage in play related activities. It is then critical for a teacher to choose teaching strategies wisely to match their mental development.




1. Creat funny and playful teaching environment by asking open ended questions. Ask questions that will give room for thinking. For instance; why did you think this happened? Closed ended questions limit their ability to express themselves. For Instance; are you sad? The answer is actually going to be yes or no.





2. Adding play in your teaching is so crucial. It triggers their imaginations, emotions and creativity. As Kids Continue to grow there is a need to help them develop language skills. This must be done with patience, passion and love. You should not be rigid in teaching your kids. Teaching kids involves bringing in alot of fun to make them happy. Do not pour your anger on them even though they can act scary, and annoying at times. All these are symptoms of the psychology of their growth. They easily develop fear in themselves and become timid.




3.Listen carefully to them taking into consideration their emotions. Kids want a good listening ear. They want to be praised if they act positively. Teach your kids by repetition model. Pay attention to their emotions and mood.




4. Demonstrative teaching. Try as much as possible to act what you are teaching them eg. flying. In this context demonstrate flying in real life situation using your arms or showing pictures and videos. Kids need much attention for effective learning to take place. As a teacher or parent, do your best possible to help these kids bring out their natural talents in them. Note that the foundation is the most critical stage. Be around your kids as parents. Invest your time and passion in them for their betterment rather than dumping them on your maid or house help.


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