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How to Teach Kids Mathematics easily and professionally.

How to Teach Kids Mathematics easily and professionally.

How to Teach Kids Mathematics easily and professionally.






It is important we learn How to Teach Kids Mathematics easily and professionally. Kids as we know are curious and smart at their early stages of development. They easily understand even more challenging and most sophisticated concepts and principles if taught well. There are various rules you can observe to help you teach your kids very well. A video attached gives vivid steps to follow in teaching your kids.


1. Getting their concentration. The attention of Kids are easily swift away. This makes it critical for you to engage them in a task oriented activities rather than verbal



2. They are sensitive to colours. Kids easily focus on activities that involves bright colours. Colours also have some scientific and psychological impacts on their memory and affect how they understand things. It is therefore important that you add colours to almost every activity you want them to master. It may be time consuming and capital intensive to do that but it is the right way to go.




3. Kids learn mostly through the sense of sight, feel and action. Abstract conditions are not the way to go. In teaching them mathematics, you dont have to just write letter two on the chalk board. They want to feel it and act it. You can write it on papers with different colours so that they can feel and play with. The next thing is to practice. You can make them use their fingers to demonstrate that particular letter.



5. Let them do more of the work. The more they practice the better they understand. The maths should be activity base rather than raw verbal communication. You can use real objects to facilitate the learning of addition, multiplication, division and substraction. Beans seeds, maize seeds, groundnut and other variety of seeds can be used to guide your teaching. This helps make clear differences in your teaching eg 2+3=5. In this case it is better you get two different colours to represent the numbers. Foristance you can use two beans to represent the two and three groundnuts for the three. You then put all together for your kid to count and give you the answer. Watch the video here fore better understanding.







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