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Instant Jobs offered by Cocoa Board to Qualified Graduates

Instant Jobs offered by Cocoa Board to Qualified Graduates
Instant Jobs offered by Cocoa Board to Qualified Graduates



Director General of Ghana Cocoa Board together with its Management Board granted that, instant Jobs Offered by Cocoa Board to Qualified Graduates.

Ghana Cocoa Board as a mechanism to lessens unemployment rate, has taken upon itself to offer jobs to graduates with the most requisite academic qualifications.


This privilege was given to Bunso Cocoa College of Ghana since time memorial why because it is an Agricultural School.



Instant Jobs offered by Cocoa Board to Qualified Graduates

This has established seriousness and competition among students of the School with the ideology that, the best graduating student among the finalist at each graduating year will be employed by Ghana Cocoa Board.



Bunso Cocoa College is the sole training college of Ghana which is controlled and administered indirectly by Ghana Cocoa Board. It was established in 1950 at Bunso to serve as the ultimate skeleton for promoting and sustaining the bouancy of Agriculture in the country, as the idea became no more anonymous that, the youth dislikes Agriculture.



In the just ended Graduation Ceremony, Abdulai Ismaila from the Department of Agronomy and Extension of Cocoa and Coffee Production, was crowned as the over all best graduating student of Bunso Cocoa College.



Instant Jobs offered by Cocoa Board to Qualified Graduates

For this paramount reason, Ghana Cocoa Board deem it very necessary to offer Abdulai Ismaila instant permanent employment into the Ghana Cocoa Board.



Despite the fact that the competion was challenging and tough, Abdulai Ismaila maneuvered and climbed on top of the masses.


During the graduation ceremony, the school’s excellence in academic work both theoritically and practically was vividly demonstrated.



A good number of the graduates were awarded first class. Twenty- one Out of the students total population of seventy, were awarded first class with extremely high GPA.


Instant Jobs offered by Cocoa Board to Qualified Graduates

However, fourteen out of the population were awarded second class Upper division whiles thirty- one among them were awarded Second class lower division.



The Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Cocoa Board, Joseph Boahen Aidoo, express his level of excitement towards Mr Ismaila’s achievement.


He went further and stated that Ghana’s economy growth and development largely depends on quality mining and consequently, consistent and healthy Agriculture ( production of crops and rearing of farm animals) most especially cocoa production.


Instant Jobs offered by Cocoa Board to Qualified Graduate

The CEO emphatically stated that in Ghana today, agricultural sector alone, contributes significantly towards the enhancement of the countries over all Gross Domestic Product. An average of thirty five percent of the country’s GDP comes from cocoa alone.
This gives insight that, the cocoa is contributing alot to the economic growth of Ghana hence must be critically attended to at all times.

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Dr. Mercy Asamoah, the acting Rector of the Bunso Cocoa College, congratulated Cocoa Board for the good works they have been doing in uplighting the school. She encouraged them to keep up the good works. But she however, drew their attention to certain pertinent issues that have escaped their attention.


She said, the school needs more facilities like ; library, and other infrastructure to expand its programmes to cover a larger spectrum. She also added that, the lectures have inadequate bungalows making is difficult for succesful academic work delivery.


She finally appealed to Ghana Cocoa Board to take it upon itself to constantly offer employment and scholarship for graduants willing to further their education.

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