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International Girl’s Child Day Commemorated by Women’s ministry and Pre BECE Candidates

International Girl's Child Day. Picture of school girls

Β International Girl’s Child Day Commemorated by Women’s ministry and Pre BECE Candidates



The International Girl’s Child Day was organized by Pentecostal International Worship Center (PIWC) collaboratively with Women’s Ministry to empower young girls for brighter future.




The event was held on Tuesday, 18th October, 2022 with over 900 School girls from various Schools in Kwabenya District.



The day was a special day for the Girl’s Child. This day was legitimately celebrated by all across the globe to mark or dignify our young girls. The dynamism of this event was to bestore in young girls hope and alternatively identify pertinent challenges militating introspectively against them.



International Girl’s Child Day.

The girls were intensively educated on the need for girls child education. They vividly hammered on the mimicking effects of education on the girls child as a future home maker as well as the dangers associated with premarital sex.



International Girl's Child Day. Picture of school girls

A clinical psychologist, Vida Asah advised the girls against premarital sex and how it can slowly jeopardize their future. She said, Abstinence is the key. They should only enter into relationships only when they are fully prepared for it and are surely aware of the consequences since they are solely responsible for the decisions and actions they take.




Having celebrated the breast cancer day, A Community Health Nurse at Ga East Health Directorate, emphatically analysed the initial signs of Breast Cancer and its damaging effects. She asked they to consistently examine their breasts in order to figure out early any abnormality which is developing inside.



International Girl’s Child Day.

She asked them to search for critical medical attention if they suspect any abnormalus lamb growth. Speaking on the theme, “The girl child, our time is now! Our right, our future”Β  The managing Consultant, Mirs Yeboa Odro said, they should not consider themselves as incapacitated. They have equal rights and equal opportunities.




She asked them to be prudent and proactive in all their endeavours. She added that, there is no height they can not reach if they take hard work and perseverance their companion.
She also advised them against acts like lesbianism and transexual activities. She asked them to be in-charged of responsibilities and enjoy motherhood in future.



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After the programme, sanitary pads were given to them and were taxed to make good hygiene their personal priority.

International Girl’s Child Day.

Source . Opera News

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