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Is it true that the BECE is out. or Injunction is placed on the Release.

Is it true that the BECE is out.

Is it true that the BECE is out or Injunction is placed on the Release.


GES is over prepared to release the just ended Basic Education Certificate Examination Results but the fact is that, government is not prepared. If you care to know the answer to this “Is it true that the BECE is out? The simple answer is a big NO!


As it stands now an indirect form of injunction is placed on the release of the results.


This became critical as government has not honoured its obligation to release the needed money for the examiners to who spent sleepless nights marking the papers to be paid.



Government is owning WAEC 62 million Ghana cedis. As it is now government intend releasing only a good sum of
five million Ghana cedis to WAEC of which WAEC has rejected. Due to this imbalance existing between WAEC and GES and for that matter government, WAEC has to put injunction on the release of the results.



The idea is that, immediately government release the requisite amount of money to WAEC the results will be released.



WAEC is a reliable and non profitable body that does not joke in terms of paying its examiners on time.



Is it true that the BECE is out.

WAEC is pretty sure that if the results are released then government may relax in paying the money it owns. Most examiners will therefore resign. This means WAEC will lose most of its experience examiners.



On recent times the monies are paid to WAEC before the commencement of the marking of the exams. Immediately after marking, the examiners are paid within that very week.



On 23th November, 2022, WAEC invited its body of examiners to commence the marking of the examination. Three weeks was put aside for the marking, script checking, correction of candidates errors (scripts with no names or index numbers).



Is it true that the BECE is out.

After writing any external examination, it is incumbent upon West African Examinations Council (WAEC) to ensure that critical care is taken to ensure quality, credibility, and efficiency, in all the processes the scripts will go through before finally the quality control system will attest to it that the achievable standards set were met before approval is given for the release.


All these  things have been done,  waiting for the release.

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