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Labour Unions and Government Base pay Negotiation ended today 30% Sharp

Labour Unions and Government Base pay Negotiation ended today 30% Sharp


Government workers were totally dumfounded to hear that the Labour Unions and Government Base pay Negotiation agreement ended today and both parties agreed on 30% Sharp  without cola. So far so good, 2023 base pay increment agreement ended that, the increment will be 30% without cola taking effect January 2023.



Case closed but Dont Thank your stars yet!  Anyway the negotiation of base pay of salary negotiation between government of Ghana and  the labour unions have ended successfully with both parties agreeing on (30%) thirty percent without cola.


The beginning of the journey was very tough and rough. The two parties hosted several meetings upon meetings.


Last but one meeting was held yesterday, 11th January 2023. The Meeting commenced around 2:30pm with an opening prayer as usual.


They briefly discussed the previous meeting before they started the main agenda for the day.


Government team still proposed 20% but was rejected by Organized Labour again.

Finally, the Government team went into a long group or secret meeting and later called leadership of Organized Labour to compromise with them in order to ensure that the agreed Base Pay rate can be incorporated into the January salary of workers by Controller and Accountant General Department by Friday, 13th January, 2023.



Labour Unions and Government Base pay Negotiation

But Organized Labour roundly refused. Government later proposed 25% Base Pay for 2023 while Organized Labour gave a cut off rate of 35% which was later reduced to 30%.

Government team was not able to decide on the 30% yesterday, hence the meeting was adjourned to Thursday which is today, 12th January, 2023 for final adjustment and implementation.

The Meeting came to an end  at 6:15pm yesterday.



The meeting continued today, 12th, January 2023 but was not easy. This 2023 meetings between the Government of Ghana and the Labour Unions in terns of  base pay negotiation is one in history.


At that time they were almost getting to conclusion. Government came with 25% but the Labour Unions were still insisting on 30%. The government Representatives moved out for a while for their group meetings as usual before coming to meet labour.


Finally, Government and Organized Labour agreed on 30% increase on the current Base Pay for 2023 . This takes effect from January, 2023.


Labour Unions and Government

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