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List of Top Australian Universities Scholarships to Study Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs

Australia universities scholarshipsAustralia universities scholarships

List of Top Australian Universities Scholarships to Study Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs

Do you wish to study Bachelors, Masters or PhD programs on scholarship in Australia, then this is your opportunity to go through this list of Australia universities scholarships.


Australia is a beautiful country with very renowned universities. Alumni of universities have very hearty words for the country. The country is very diverse and accommodates people from all parts of the world.

The universities in the country also offer various grants, awards and scholarships to qualified and deserving students. International applicant have access to numerous opportunities of scholarships to apply for.


Many of the scholarships are awarded during application for admissions.


List of the Australian Universities Scholarships

1. The University of Sydney International Scholarship

2. Melbourne University Scholarships

3. Monash University Scholarships

4. 400 Deakin University Scholarships

5. Australian National University Scholarships

6. Tasmania University Scholarships

7. Bond University (HDR Scholarship)

8. Flinders University (RTP) Scholarship

9. Queensland University Australia Scholarships

10. Regional Australian Universities Scholarships

Financial Benefits

Expenses that will be covered:

Tuition Fees Covered

Residential costs

Travel Expenses

Health Insurance

Research costs

Monthly Stipend

Australia universities scholarships
Australia universities scholarships



The application deadlines varies with every University.

How to apply

Please, visit the individual official websites via the hyperlinks attached for more information and apply now.

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