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Maggi cube is deadly according to Good Living Ghana

Maggi cube is deadly according to Good Living Ghana

African number one ingredient for soups and stew thus, Maggi cube is said to be the most famous poison that mostly make Africans widows, widowers and children orphans .

It reduces the brain capacity as well. According to Good Living Ghana, Maggi was first produced in 1886 by a Swiss  called Julius Maggi for poor workers who have difficult social situations and those who could not afford to buy meat and fish.

During that era, meat and fish were very expensive. In order to produce synthetic taste of fish and meat, the maggi was produced.


In 1884, after he Berlin conference, the colonizers were encouraged to export a large number of this popular poison to their colonies which were mostly Africa.

Julius Maggi taught that, if there were people who could not buy meat and fish in europe, then in Africa, it would be worst. So he exports and launches the advertising of maggi with its yellow and red colours.

He succeeded because, maggi products can be kept or store for a longer period of time under harsh temperatures and with a possibility of giving synthetic meat and fish taste whenever used.

As early as 1910 and to this day, Africans continued to add Maggi to every dish even when grinding pepper, lie and other floor products.

More than a hundred million cubes of maggi  are sold on daily basis throughout Africa to mush an extend that, to avoid import problems, the Swiss created eleven factories on African continent despite the public health risk.

Maggi consist of forty percent of salt mostly, the highly poisonous monosodium glutamate . Consuming Maggie errday as a kin to increasing cardiovascular diseases which brings about:

– Erectal dysfunction.

– Hypertention, diabetes.

– Heart attacks especially cerebrovascular attack popularly known as stroke. Askingly ang unmistakeably, Maggi is the primary cause of stroke in Africa and cancers but we still consume them. Save yourself and save others.

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