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Education Minister And School Placement Fraud: Manasseh Azure Awuni

Education Minister And School Placement Fraud: Manasseh Azure Awuni

Education Minister And School Placement Fraud: Manasseh Azure Awuni



It is rather sad that, Fraud is gradually becoming an accepted means of getting what you deserve in Ghana. The Education Minister And School Placement Fraud are not parallel at all according to Manasseh Azure Awuni

Manasseh Azure Awuni, on Monday 30th January 2022.



It is unfortunate that, Every major step one takes in life is directly linked to fraudulent gymnastics . At this critical venture the backbones of our educational development in the country are prime suspect for some of these happenings.




Manasseh Azure was interviewed today on Joy news by Sister Bernice at 6:00 am news. The discussion was based on the latest trending video depicting rot and frauds associated with the Computerized School Selection and Placement System.



Manasseh Azure Awuni made a profound statement that, per their preliminary investigations about the spread of frauds over the yet to commence SHS placement, they got to know that, due to last years experience about the problematic placement system, The Minister of Education and The Director General of Ghana Education Service are the only two individuals who have the power to assess category ‘A’ Schools placement.




This clearly demonstrates that, any¬† individuals who is facilitating the placement into category ‘A’ Schools had the power from either minister of Education or Director General of GES.



He said, it is clear that, these are the only two people who can do placement into category ‘A’ schools looking at the competitive nature of those schools.


It is therefore easy to trace whether the minister of Education or The Director General permission was associated with the ongoing frauds into ‘A’ Schools.


Manasseh Explained that there is nothing that shows that, the system was hacked. This persons involving themselves in the fraudulent act are using the official system that can only be controlled by the two big personalities mentioned earlier hence they are pretty aware of the ongoing happenings as school placement is concerned.

Education Minister And School Placement Fraud: Manasseh Azure Awuni

Watch the video and draw conclusion for yourself.



Ministry of education came out boldly to caution parents, students and the entire public against the predominant frauds associated with the placement processes involving payment of money, Meanwhile, the the placement its self has not officially kicked off
Ghana for you! Try to bisect and disect the issue at hand.
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