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Never Rush in life: Life is Never a Race or Game Competition.

Never Rush in life.picture of people

Never Rush in life: Life is Never a Race or Game Competition.



Never Rush in life. People may glide effortlessly upwards and downwards by using dubious and non ordinary ways just to pluck the juicy fruits of this world.

Kongo was a coastal town in the prehistoric era, where written records or documentation of the happenings was rear. It was a very prominent ancient town. At that time, foreigners traveled from far and near to Kongo purposely for trading.



There were two intimate friends in Kongo, Sam and Adam. During the beginning of civilization, educational system was introduced by colonial masters in Kongo. Sam and Adam friendship begun when they were in the elementary school.


Never Rush in life

They were faithful friends indeed. They did every thing together just like identical twins. After completion of elementary school, life become extremely difficult for Sam and Adam. They had no employment despite the fact that they graduated with the most excellent grades.



Their classmates who were academically dull even had lucrative jobs with golden benefits to do. The Community started making mockery of these two friends. Sam and Adam entered into fishing, but due to the agony and the trauma they received from the community people, they could not cope but have to stop.


Never Rush in life.picture of people

Some years passes by, but while Sam an Adam friends were swimming in the pool of riches, they were rather poorer and poorer. These two friends envisaged the humiliation that was coming to them in the near future, but they never gave up.


One lucky day for Sam and Adam, their Science master back at school, Mr Martens called them for an urgent discussion. Mr Marten was a generous man fully respected in the community. He had a direct link with most of the mining jobs in the community. He also had trustees in UK and Canada.


Never Rush in life

During Mr Martens meeting with Sam and Adam, he promised to employ them into his gold business. The two friends could not believe what their ears were seeing, they were totally dumfounded. Tears of joy run on their cheeks.



A week later, they begun their work in the mining company. But unfortunately for them, they worked in the mining company for two good years without payment of salary.  They were only given some allowances to carter for food.


Nevertheless, they work wholeheartedly as if the company was for them. The total annual profit for the company doubled up. One day, Mr. Martens called the two friends and said, “you have really surprised me. All the tests I exposed you to, you actually impressed me. I am going to pay you all your two years salaries plus a fully built and furnished apartment for each of you.


Never Rush in life

Besides, Adam will fly to UK to manage the company there while Sam will go to Canada as a manager to my Canadian company” He paid the two friends fully in no time and their promised apartment’s given. Less than a month, their documents were set and they joyfully moved to their individual locations to manage the companies in the outside world.


After their long suffering, that was their turning point to also enjoy in life. My brother, my sister, that is why you have to wait patiently for your season to come. Never rush in life at opportunities that arent yours. You would definitely face challenges if you try to do so.


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Wait for your time and you will never regret it. The Little opportunity at hands, try to unitize it and not withstanding the amount you get from it. A little drop of rain makes the mighty ocean.

Never Rush in life

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