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Nurse sorrowfully Killed by boyfriend Over Breakup threat.Video.

  • Nurse sorrowfully killed by boyfriend.picture of the nurse killed

Nurse sorrowfully Killed by boyfriend Over Breakup threat. Short Video.

Nurse Sorrowfully killed by boyfriend
In Tepa Akwasiase in Ahafo North District located at Ahafo Region of Ghana.


Per thorough investigation into the mater, it was emphatically exposed that, Osafo Alice, a nurse at Ahafo Region, raised series of alarms about her willingness to breakup with Ebenezer, her boyfriend based on certain pertinent and uncultured reasons from the side of Ebenezer.


Ebenezer with his diabolic thinking full of satanism, invited Alice into his abode.
Alice upon signaling the illusionary character of Ebenezer roundly refused to honour invitation made by him.


Nurse sorrowfully Killed by boyfriend

Meanwhile, Ebenezer had a plan ‘B’ towards Alice.
Just on Saturday Morning, the whole family was awake except Alice. This was very unusual of Alice. At normal times, she will be the first to woke up and initiate the household chores.


It was ringing serious jingle in to the ears of the family that, some barbaric transformation has occured.
They proceeded to break down her door, guess what! they could not believe what their eyes were seeing, they were totally dumfounded. The scene was terribly horrible, as the lifeless body of Alice was lying in a pool of blood, totally helpless.

After this hilarious incident, the prime suspect that came to mind was Enenezer. His relationship with Alice was an opened one, untill recent times when his excessive indulgence in all kind of drug abuse became a headache to Alice’s family. Immediately after the parents discovered this devilish act, they called on to the police to aid for justice to prevail.



Nurse sorrowfully Killed by boyfriend

From source, preliminary investigation made by the police connotes that, beside Ebenezer’s criminology, he also married secretively with two children untill recent times when Alice discovered this, through her family background research.


Despite the fact that he was just a mere carpenter, Alice loved him excessively untill his behaviour became unbearable, disclosed, Alice’s sister.


These unprofessional attitude of him created a huge hitreds rooted deep in Alice’s heart.
Finally, the police arrested him and after he was interrogated substantially, he disclosed of been the murderer of his girlfriend. That, he spent alot on her that calminated his unsympathetic attack. He stabbed her in the throat extremely hard that, it led to her dead.
The victim is in police custody while cross examination and investigation is still on going.


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Nurse sorrowfully Killed by boyfriend

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