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Nursing is a scam think twice before becoming one.

Nursing is a scam think twice before becoming one.

Nursing is a scam think twice before becoming one.







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These are the words of a colleague nurse: Nursing is a scam think twice before becoming one. An experience nurse who worked on the nursing fraternity has to quit and engage himself in a more friendly job like teaching.



Per his experience most people enter nursing because they think you can make enough money. But the simple answer is hell No. It is far from the reality. Let me use my personal life experience for example, i completed SHS with a good friend of my. He entered into the nursing training and i entered into the university. Three years later he completed and was doing his national service.



I was in level 400. I completed my degree programe whiles he was working as a permanent staff. Two years later i had employment to teach in a senior high school. My start up salary was 500ghc higher than his. Beside i was able to engage my self in many activities that gives me more than half of my salary. My friend is now regretting.



The real fact is that, due to misinformation, those who complete senior high school about 90% wants to be a nurse. Being a nurse alone without having side issues will not help you. Besides, some people enter into nursing because of the uniform or prestige. All these have created Tension. If you actually want to be a nurse learn hard and go to the university.


Because they post the diploma nurses with the degree nurses. Meanwhile diploma nursing is about two times expensive than degree nursing. I personally dont know why people prefer the nursing training. The one who completed degree nurses will start his salary scale from level 18 in terms of  whiles diploma nurses will start from 15 or 16.



Nursing involves tedious work and you dont get the mony as you should. The worse thing is you have to stay in the house for five or more years before you will be posted. Ask your self after the three years what next. You will pack your thinks home be worrying your parents. At the university you read other courses that are not taught at nursing training hence you can easily divert to many disciplines.


Follow the trend of the country and be save. No one cares about you lets wisen up.
Watch a video from nurses about the field.


Watch Bed Making





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Nursing is a scam think twice before becoming one.

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