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Nutrition for Nursing Training College Education

Nutrition for Nursing Training College Education.

Nutrition for Nursing Training College Education.






Nutrition for Nursing Training College Education

1. Who is the father of nutrition ?
A. Antoine Lavoisier
B. Hippocrates
C. Aristotle
D. Robert Koch









An. A. Antoine Lavoisier

2. Iron is mostly absorbed in?
A. Stomach
B. Small intestine
C. Colon
D. Kidney






An.B. Small intestine

3. Lactose is made up of ?
A. Sucrose
B. Glucose
C. Galactose
D. Both B and C






An. D. Both B and C

4. Fats and oils are?
A. Compound lipids
B. Derived lipids
C. Simple lipids
D. Steroids






An. C. Simple lipids

4. The storage form of iron is ?
A. Heam proteins
B. Cyochromes
C. Ferritin or hemosiderin
D. All of the above






An. C. Ferritin or hemosiderin

5. In the following which is not a trace element?
A. Zinc
B. Iodine
C. Fluorine
D. Sodium






An. D. Sodium
Trace elements include; iron, manganese, copper, iodine, cobalt, zinc, fluorine, selenium, chromium etc


6. Milk is a very poor source of ?
A. Protein
B. Phosphorus
C. Iron
D. Calcium






An. C. Iron

7. Which of the following vitamins functions like steroid hormone?
A. Vitamin -A
B. Vitamin – B1
C. Vitamin -C
D. Vitamin-D






An. D. Vitamin-D
When one or more nutrients are added to food, this is known as?
A. Food adulteration
B. Food fortification
C. Food contamination
D. Food abstraction






An. B. Food fortification

8. The vitamin essential for normal vision is ?
A. A. Vitamin -D
B. Vitamin -K
C. Vitamin-C
D. Vitamin -A






An. D. Vitamin -A

9. The nutrients responsible for body building, repair and mantenance of the body tissue is ?

A. Protein
B. Fat
C. Carbohydrate
D. Vitamin






An. A. Protein

10. Wernicke encephalopathy and Korsakoff syndrome occurs due to defficiency of?
A. Vitamin-B12
B. Vitamin-B2 (Riboflavin)
C. Vitamin-B1 (Thiamine)
D. Niacin






An.C.Vitamin-B1 (Thiamine)

11. The disease which is characterized by 3D’s is?
A. Pellagra
B. Marasmus
C. Meningitis
D. Scurvy






An. A. Pellagra
Pellagra is characterized by 3D’s, Diarrhoea, Dermatitis and Dementia.

12. How much extra protein i required for a lactating mother in addition to recommended daily allowance of 1gm/kg of body weight?
A. 12gm
B. 15gm
C. 25gm
D. 50gm






An. C. 25gm

13. Which of the following disease is also called Rice eater’s disease
A. Beri-beri
B. Scurvy
C. Rickets
D. Pellagra






An. A.Beri-beri

14.vitamin generally used therapeutically in nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is?
A. Niacin
B. Pyridoxine
C. Riboflavin
D. Folic acid






An. B.Pyridoxine

15. Cooking food below the boiling point of water is known as?
A. Boiling
B. Simmering
C. Roasting
D. Baking






An. B.Simmering

16. One of the following is not a millet ?
A. Jawar
B. Lentil
C. Ragi
D. Bajra






An. B. Lentil

17. A man whose body mass index is 22, is ?
A. Overweight
B. Underweight
C. Normal
D. Obese






An. C. Normal

18. Ascorbic acid is ?
A. Protein
B. Lipid
C. Vitamin
D. Enzyme






An. C. Vitamin

19. Poor man’s meat is known as?
A. Wheat
B. Cereal
C. Pulses
D. Maize






An. C. Pulses

20. Vitamin C is also known as?

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