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OAU Urged Ghana To Apologize to Russian Mercenaries over the loose Statement made by The President of Ghana.

OAU Urged Ghana To Apologize to Russian. Picture of logo of OAU

OAU Urged Ghana To Apologize to Russian Mercenaries over the loose Statement made by The President of Ghana.



The OAU Urged Ghana to apologize to Russian  miscellanies to help promote the continuity of the strong cooperation existing between Africa and Russia. Organization of African Union ( OAU) has advised that, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo  to apologize to Russia as well as the overall African continent base on the current utterances or communication he voiced out to Russia.

Holistically, they lamented on the kind of move made by the president as a sign of betrayal. The entire Africans continent can never under any way underestimated the kind of assistance gotten from Russia back to the history colonial era and after independence from colonialism of which Ghana is not excluded.



The union  believed that, Russia has a strong confidence empathy  and hope for Ghana hence open ots doors for Ghana to troop in for financial assistance over the years till now. That kind of exceptionally excellent bilateral relationship existed over the years between Russians and Ghanaians should not be any way jeopardized.


OAU Urged Ghana To Apologize to Russian

According to the statement made by the president, it may facilitate lost of trust and respect Russian have for Ghana.


Meanwhile, some developed countries consider Ghana as a country of self independence and of self reliance to some extend.


Due to this, for the president to visit United State of America solely to to tarnish the good name of the whole African continent as well as Russian. is may greatly yield bad consequences if drastic and immediate as well as sustainable measures are not put in place to address this issue amicably.


They Suggest that, if id may demand that , the president travels to the United state to apologize doe the continent to regain its reputation, he should try and do so to dignify Ghana as a country in a more diplomatic way since this is critical.


The main issue is this, Government of Ghana had emanated with a reliable program called ” Gold for Oil ‘ program. This implies that, as a step to cutdown the fuel price in Ghana, the president of Ghana intends transporting gold for the exchange of oil.


OAU Urged Ghana To Apologize to Russian

This is  a form of barter trading. In fact, as economic growth and sustainability is concerned. This is one of the perfect move taken by the government if only transparency will exist.


But the challenging thing here is that, Ghana is refusing to allow Russian benefit from this program mean while, they are eagerly interested to partake in the program.


If  A country like Ghana which is owning them so much is also  denying them of this privilege and making baseless assession, then the consequences will be limitless.


The issue is that, US will not stay as a watch dog for Ghana to buy oil on exchange of gold without taking some retaliation policies that may be detrimental to the states economic growth.


It is on this note that, Russian becomes the best qualified state to operate this deal.



President Akufo-Addo boldly said without evidence that Burkina Faso has hired “Russian mercenaries” to fight insurgency in Burkina Faso at a period  of the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington.


OAU Urged Ghana To Apologize to Russian

He further said, Burkina Faso has given out a mine: where it shares its southern border with Ghana as payment for the Russians’ service.


He continued by saying that, currently, Russian mercenaries are on our northern border and Burkina Faso have had a written contract with Mali to employ the Wagner forces to aid them. All those loose statement he made had no legal backing according to Burkina Faso.


Burkina Faso summoned Ghana’s ambassador in Ouagadougou for questioning over President Akufo-Addo’s allegation. This will destroy the trust Russia had in us as well as Burkina faso. The president had spoilt its dignity.


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