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Over 500 teachers used forged certificates for GES employment.

Over 500 teachers used forged certificates for GES employment.

As a matter of augency and a necessary tool to restore and protect government purse, random audit was carried out into various sectors and institutions across the country. Over 500 teachers used forged certificates for employment in trouble.

The naked truth has finally reared its urgly head. It states that, a good number of some recalcitrant people maneuvered to get their way onto government payroll without following an authorized lay down channels.
In view of this unscrupulousness behavior, it became necessary for stakeholders to have a second look into GES.

Focusing on Ghana Education Serviced, after thorough investigation into its documentations and mandates of service, it was realized that,
over 500 teachers used fake documents for their engagement into this benevolence profession between 2017 and 2021 and got paid over twenty-six million Ghana Cedis.


The victims are to be fixed out and brought to book, pay back the unauthenticated monies received and pay for damages as well for causing financial lost to the state. This will serve as deterrent to others, said by ‘Ghanaians time’


A review of the minutes for the ministry of Education appointments, promotions and disciplinary committee held in February 2019 revealed that, in 2017, the teaching council in conjunction with Examinations council of Ghana, undertook a verification exercise and establishment, pinpointed that, 500 practitioners, used unabated certificates for employment into the sector.


This is important as the institute has realized the impurities and obstacles in its way. Some Students holding excellent grades in their wassce nowadays can’t defend their results, why because, they used dubious means to get those marks. Why forged certificates!

Some private universities are focusing on money making as admission is concern to the neglection of quality certification. All these mechanisms have had negative impact on our education so far.

After this assessment was made, it became necessary for a new education reforms to be made.

No forged certificates!

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