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Picketing Pensioners Forced Ofori-Atta To Hold Outdoor Negotiations With Them

Picketing Pensioners

Picketing Pensioners Forced Ofori-Atta To Hold Outdoor Negotiations With Them




The government of Ghana has introduced a domestic debt restructuring program to try to tame the economic challenges in the country. Both  Ken Ofori-Atta and the pensioners were very emotional during the outdoor negotiations between them.




Pensioners, who are individual bond holders of the government of Ghana bond holders are picketing at the ministry of finance to demand their exemption from the domestic debt restructuring.




The picketing pensioners who were visibly furious with the decision to include the individual bond holders were consciously retraining themselves not to abuse political leaders of the country.




The individual bond holders were initially informed they would not be part of the debt restructuring. However, the government made a U-turn to include them just around the time labour unions managed to force the government to rather exempt the pension funds of labour unions.




The picketing pensioners disclosed that they would be picketing daily at the ministry of finance until they are exempted from the best restructuring. However, just on the first day of the picketing, the finance minister was forced out of his busy schedule to hold negotiations outdoors with the general membership of the pensioners.



In the process of the outdoor negotiations, the minister invited members of the picketing pensioners to come make a case for themselves despite the huge overtures the ministry made when the pensioners launched their campaign to be totally exempted from the debt restructuring.




Picketing Pensioners Forced Ofori-Atta To Hold Outdoor Negotiations With Them.

At the end of the day, the minister fell on the “adinkra symbol” (boa me ma me boawo), which translates help me let me help you, to appeal to the pensioners to take the proposal of the government.




He disclosed the country risks not getting an IMF deal without the debt restructuring program and inflation and all other economic crisis indicators would nullify whatever funds the pensioners hoped to obtain from their bonds.


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It is yet to be seen whether the pensioners will resume their pensioners


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