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Police Confirmed Nana Agradaas’ Arrest and to Face 20 Years Jail sentenced.

Police Confirmed Nana Agradaas' Arrest. Picture of the scene

Police Confirmed Nana Agradaas’ Arrest and to Face 20 Years Jail sentenced.


Police confirmed Nana Agradaas’ Arrest this hot afternoon. A full video of the story Attached.


Following the hugely terrifying headlines, it is publicly known that, Nana Agradaas’ name has finally penetrated through “police wanted list” yesterday.



This was actually in-lined with the conspiracy and sudden occurrences in her church.
However, different stories emanated from this comic-tragedy event that transpired in the church on Saturday.


Police Confirmed Nana Agradaas’ Arrest

Lately yesterday, the news was escalating at the highest acceleration with the longest wavelength. Concomitantly, the action of this formal priestesses became a hard nut to crack in Ghanaian history.



She is fully related to fraudulent activities constantly and consistently.
According to pinax news, the earlier update was that, Nana Agradaa, for depicting the character of a good samaritan, announced that, all individuals who were affected by the resent flood should come for compensation. People were so optimistic to here this.



As if that was not even enough, during her church service on Saturday, 8th October, 2022, she again made a pronouncement that, those in financial crises should come for money doubling miracle or spiritism.


People gallantly responded to this courteous humanitarianism. The poor taught they have had a savior to relieve them from their financial challenges. The members amazingly gave out all the little monies they have thinking that, they were going to get several folds of what has been given.


Police Confirmed Nana Agradaas’ Arrest

Lastly, the service was over and this so called born again woman of God instructed every one to disperse. The members did not comprehend but were forced to go without any factual explanation.

The church members nearly caused a looter. The members agitated but believed that, something might happened the next day. Most members were disappointed in her and started raining curses on her.
Some wanted to even brutalize her but were halted by her security guards.


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The issue was picked up by the police and preliminary investigation was amicable done.The security council ordered for her arrest. Following that development, she was out of coverage area. She is no where to be found. As the saying goes ” you can ran but can not hide” She was apprehended this afternoon and rumours had it that,
20 years jail was mentioned to her.

Police Confirmed Nana Agradaas’ Arrest

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