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Poor Academic Performance of Northern Ghana in WASSCE and in BECE.

Poor academic performance in Northern Ghana

Poor Academic Performance of Northern Ghana in West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and in Basic Education Certificate Examination.


Poor Academic performance of Northern Ghana in External Examinations should highly be perceived as logical and rational rather than magical.


The over all pivoting point of University for Development Studies responsible for education Sustainability as well as ensuring quality growth and development in producing educationalist made this bitter assession.



Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed, The Dean  of the Education Faculty for standardization of education, is hitting the nail on its head by calling the various stakeholders and policy makers to dive attention to Government Schools in the Northern Region for serious amendment to be done before it get out of hands.


Poor Academic Performance of Northern Ghana 

He added that, most often than not, the ranking of various schools in the country after the release of the external examination results,  depicts abysmal performance of the Schools in all the five northern regions.


This ranking system is not by any means exhibiting or mimicking any sign of biasness or favouritism but rather the true reflection of what has been sown in our schools, he said.



He is tasking the Ministry of Education as well as parents and teachers, to help eradicate this mess before these students maneuver to  enter tertiary institutions. He did not want to say much about the performance of those students in the University.


Almost all government Schools in the five Northern Regions lack the needful resources as well as infrastructure to compete with their colleagues in the Southern part of the country. A little drops of water makes the mighty ocean, parent are encouraged to show enthusiasm in putting up their little bit effort to ensure their wards attain quality education.


The hitherto was that, most parents in those regions also dont deem it super necessary to strive hard to facilitate the effectiveness and consistency in the academic achievement of their children.


He therefore edge parents and guardian to do more than they are doing now and banned children from attending unnecessary night programmes especially the female children.


Poor Academic Performance of Northern Ghana 

Dr Ibrahim Mohammed said, after critically looking at the successive performance of the the various schools in the  Basic Education Certificate Examination, Upper West for instance, in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 scored 49.7%, 48.3% and 48% respectively. Meanwhile,  Upper East region scored 52.9%  in both 2018 and 2019 WASSCE and scored 48.6% in 2020.


He added that,  as for the Northern region, there exist a total number of twenty six  senior high schools. Out of the above mentioned number, after they sat for the external examination, seventeen schools scored less than five percent and four schools scored zero percent, very unfortunate.


The Dean of Faculty responsible for Education made these known during an opened dialogue at  the 2022 University for Developmental Studies Center for Educational, Innovation and Leadership Development in Northern Ghana. The team for the programme was ‘Low Education outcome in Northern Ghana.

Source. Opera news

Poor Academic Performance of Northern Ghana 

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