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Professor of Educational Leadership Responses on Failure of Basic Education ‎System

Professor of Educational Leadership Responses on Failure of Education

Professor of Educational Leadership Responses on Failure of Education ‎System in Ghana.




Professor of Educational Leadership Responses on Failure of Education in Ghana.‎ Extensive discussion took place the  topic “The State of Basic Education in Ghana. This was the latest development today 13th February 2023 on joy news.




This discussion became neccessary after the formal Director General and Rector of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA), Professor Stephen Adei made sacastic statement that all teachers in the Basic Schools must be sacked over Poor academic performance of Basic Student. Most importantly as 2022 Basic Education Certificate Examination depicts that 40% of the candidates who sat for the external examination has failed.



Prof. George Oduro, The formal Pro vice Chancellor of University of Cape Coast and currently, a Professor of Educational Leadership of UNESCO( United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) responses to the porosity nature Basic School System in Ghana.




The hos of the show, Mr. Benjamin asked Pro. Oduro whether he agrees to the fact that radical approach should be used to sack all Public Basic School teachers to restore performance in the Basic Schools in Ghana.




Pro. Oduro said, his colleague professor, Pro. Adei’s approach is ridiculously complicated and unworkable. Speaking to joy news on zoom he said the Professor was too sentimental and applying emotions in this regard. Sacking teachers and allowing for reapplication is just not the solution.



Also asking for heads to reapply for headship has no basis. Finally, paying Heads based on performance is too ambiguous. It will rather force heads to use dubious means to help pupils to past their external examination which is not hygienic.



He added that, the issue should rather be looked at; at broader perspective.


Lack of adequate supervision.
Pro. Oduro said, the fundamental cause of this issue is poor supervision of teaching. Ministry of education is not delivering its supervision mandate right. Proper supervision followed by penalization of teachers who become victimized needs to be enforced. He said most teachers are working hard enough only a friction of them does otherwise.



Inadequate supply of TLMs
He added that, the schools depend on resources from GES Headquarters. Most schools have no text books, and the right teaching and learning materials to assist deliver responsible. He said, the education sector is very problematic and should be delt with instead on spackling on teachers. He ironically drew the attention of the general public to the schools of shame which pooped see up on joy news.



He said, most schools have lapidated buildings and no furniture neither to talk of accommodation for teachers. Teachers accepting postings into those schools in the first place must be applauded rather than discourging.




failure to repeat students and under  empowerment of school heads.

He said, for quality education to be achieved, students who do not perform well should be repeated and remedial and special care given to them. He also believed that, the decentralization of the education system is a contributing factor. Head teaches are powerless, they can not punish deviant teachers which is a problem. He said, Until all these are done, no one can blame the teacher for nonperformance of students.


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