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Reinstatement of Prof Adutwum Over The Engagement With NUPSG 

Reinstatement of Prof
Adutwum Over The Engagement With

Education is an extraordinary key to progress consequently quality education with great designs and exceptional components are a lot of crucial for improvement.

Considering this the country, along with both Public and Private Schools would accomplish best outcomes.

The National Union Of Private Schools – Ghana (NUPSG) has, for certain years presently, postponed a few worries standing up to their tasks to the public authority and the specialists concerned yet to which stand out. Because of this the Union, drove by its Leader, Fire up.

William Baako, has connected with the Minister of Education, Dr Yaw Adutwum on the seventh of November, 2022 on conversations on relevant issues.


In course of the commitment, NUPSG Leaders featured on couple of difficulties facing the Private schools in Ghana, and approached the Minister to assist with resolving the issues.


The Minister for Education, Dr Yaw Adutwum on his part illustrated how successfully the Public authority and the Service have been endeavoring to guarantee positive changes in the educational framework in Ghana.


Fire up William Baako, Leader of the Union, talked about the key difficulties which need prompt consideration.

Fire up Baako communicated disappointment with the tasks of NaSIA which has added more weight to Private Schools.

NaSIA, as per him, has no offices in the Areas, yet is taking over the top monies from the school’s without benefits. This equivalent foundation has would not give out endorsements that have been paid for by Owners. Proceeding with his assertion, Fire up Baako complimented the Minister for his great administrations to mother Ghana which is giving more credit to the service and requested that he amend the P2 and P4 expenses for the National Normalized Appraisal Test (NSAT) being charged per understudy.


He kept on discussing the 30% allotment to Government funded Schools which is so uncalled for to Private Schools.

Many were the complaints he communicated, and approached the public authority to intercede and address specific impressions about the circumstances right away.

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