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Religious and Moral Education BECE 2022 Likely Questions and Answers.

Religious and Moral Education BECE. Picture of wtittings

Religious and Moral Education BECE 2022 Likely Questions and Answers.


Religious and moral Education bece

1a. Mention five parables in the bible used by Jesus to impact moral lessons

b. write down the fifth commandment and give five ways of achieving it

c. Mention five beatitudes as part of Sermon on the Mount.

d.Explain five lessons that one can learn from the Sermon on the Mount



2a.Describe how Eid-ul fir festival is celebrated in islamic communities.

b. Highlight four reasons for which Islamic festivals are celebrated

c. Describe how janaza prayers are performed by muslims


d. Describe how Jumu,ah prayers are performed by muslims.




3a. State four important fact about the life of Tohazie

b. Outline five steps involved in performing libation

c.Mention five examples of ancestral festival celebrated in Ghana

d. Outline five reasons why traditional religious festivals are celebrated.




4a. List six behaviours that demonstrate decency in the society

b.Mention six benefits decent people can enjoy in the society.

c.Identify four ways by which we can show commitment.

5a. Identify four caused of adolescent pregnancy in Ghana

b. Suggest four ways to Minimize adolescent pregnancy

c. State four reasons why it is important for adolescent to stay a chaste life.


Religious and Moral Education BECE

6a.Descrobe four ways of showing courteSy in your locality.

b.Describe four processes of reconcilation to ensure peace and harmony

c. State four reasons why reconcilation should be encouraged.

Section c
7a.Indicate four reasons why people marry in the Ghanaian society.

b.Give six preparation needed by an individual planning to marry

c. Suggest four reasons for the high rate of divorce in society today.

Answer to the questions fully in pdf.

8.a.indicate six reasons why recreation and vacation are necessary

b. List six human rights and freedom in the constitution of Ghana

c. State six reasons why we can give financial support to religious groups.

Religious and Moral Education BECE

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