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Rumours About the dismissal of GES Director General_Professor Opoku-Amankwa.

Rumours About the dismissal of GES Director General_Professor Opoku-Amankwa.


There is a hot point Rumours about the dismissal of The Appointed Director General for Ghana Education Service. This amalgamated news made wave to the public like thunder storm.



The magnitude of this intensifying shock has magnified the cerebrum of most Ghanaians. Most Ghanaians actually have doubtlessly lost hope in this man’s potentials and the services he is autonomously rendering to the educational sector.




A professor, who is supposed to have known better based on actions, reactions and interactions seemingly is aloof. The manner in which educational issues are mishandled is too disheartening. His tenure, caused grambling and mammering among teacher at any crucial time.



Rumours About the dismissal of GES Director

Fortunately for Ghanaians, especially teachers, the president of the republic of Ghana, his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo had finally and as a matter of urgency, authorized him to bring bring down the curtains.


Rumours About the dismissal .picture of ges director general being sacked


This was made known in a letter dated Monday, 17 October 2022.
It clearly and categorically states that, the manner in which Mother Ghana built confidence in him has vehemently been downgraded. The country has understood that, the key tactical adaptative mechanism he used to posses has been affected by Covid 19 hence, he is incapacitated to ran the office as a Director General of Education.



This professor was appointed on 22nd January, 2021 from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to rule out the challenges in our sector. Least did Ghanaian know he is rather propounding divergent and more explicit issues into the sector.




Rumours About the dismissal of GES Director

He has ended up bombarding the sector with sophisticated formulas, So did Ghanaians say. The back bone of our educational system has expired.
Below is a vivid inscription of the letter.

Source: Ghana web.

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