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Russian warplane AN Su-30 Jet Cashes into Houses in Siberia

Russian Warplane.p.cture of the crash making pilots to wear life jackets

Russian Warplane AN Su-30 Jet Crashes into Residential Houses in Siberia.


According to, a Russian warplane specially manufactured for war purposes named as Su-30 crashed into a residential building in Siberia on 23th October, 2022.


After this incidents Official probe started digging into the reason behind this sudden occurrence. They realized that, the pilot suffocated which resulted in the accident.


There was a recorded video by a surveillance depicting downwards diving of the jet almost vertical to the ground. After crashing with the residential houses, it slowed  downwards to the ground.


Per investigations, after Moscow sent his trop to Ukraine,  the warplane of Russia kept on crashing. Sundays incident was the eleventh times Russian Jets experienced crashed.


Military experts after their thorough investigation into the matter, realized that, at resent times, as Russians increase the number of their war flights, so is their crashes. Su- 30 is a strong war jet with only two seater.


This was popular in Russia. Meanwhile, Russian Su-34 warplane had a crash recently. As for this crash, it was recorded that, it developed a technical fault. So far 26 people died from the tall building and 16 injured as a results of the crash. The pilots were saved with the help of live jacket.

Russian Warplane


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