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Scam Alert on Loans For Salary Workers

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Scam Alert on Loans For Salary Workers

Scam Alert on Loans For Salary Workers



Fraudulent people have adopted sophisticated mechanisms by giving scam alert on loans for salary workers. Loan is a necessity and integral part of  life . Therefore any people mostly are in a desperate situation while shopping for loans. It is for this reason fraudsters have found a loan scam a bit profitable.



Fraudsters in the financial space are promising workers an opportunity to take loans without paying the monthly deductions. In their elaborate scheme, they introduce themselves as CAGD staff or affiliates and inform their victims that they are able to remove/ destroy loan deductions requests by financial institutions when the documents come to their desk.




In the process, the worker does not get deducted any money for the loan he or she took. Their condition is a percentage share of the loan taken.



However, various reports from workers prove that the criminal deal only led to complete deductions of obligation on the payslip after the booty had already been shared. The victims can not report their own criminal activities and also lose up to 50% of the loan taken.



Related scam promising to increase affordability of workers.



Affordability on payslip for the purposes of taking a loan is a big deal at any time of year. Fraudsters are equally aware and have developed a scheme promising victims to increase affordability on payslip in order to dupe desperate and unsuspecting public sector workers.




It must be noted that the systems of the Controller and Accountant General Department are very robust and can not be manipulated by an outside source. Even insiders can not manipulate the affordability of workers, since the affordability is calculated based on the worker’s gross salary and net salary. Therefore, affordability can only change when the gross salary or net salary changes.



A scam message has been found on numerous teachers’ social media platforms promising to increase the affordability of members, which can only be a scam. The message read: “if your affordability is 00 or not restored fully, call me” with a phone number attached.


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The public is therefore advised not to entertain such services or the worker will end up on the wrong side of history

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