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Should this Woman be Arrested And Persecuted? Watch the video!

Should this Woman be Arrested And Persecuted? Watch the video!


Leave this Idiot and read this important notice


When he/she cheats, it is either they are not mature enough to be faithful and committed or it is not you they want really want which still comes back to maturity levels, when a person cheats on you, you are not the cause of their cheating but them, even when they point at you not giving them, time, attention, respect or whatever reason they might give, you still stand out innocent, cheating has always and will always be a choice no matter the temptation one claims to have.

A person cheats to satisfy their personal desire not that you misbehaved, insulted them, have no time, blah blah blah, all those are lies and lame excuses to deny taking responsibility of their actions, never feel guilty for the actions of other people, remember they had a choice, commitment and faithfulness are choices one must make everyday.

Commitment is staying true to your words long after the mood or atmosphere that motivated you to speak them is gone, people today have suffered and heart broken because very few people realize what they get into.

Relationships are more than the kissing, touching,sexing and emotional excitement we get when it is just starting, it requires to attain a cetain level of maturity, discipline, integrity, loyalty, respect and understanding of what is required of you to do it right and stay true, not because you can visit your monthly what what and you see twins on the chest or after a few wet dreams, dip voice, hair on your chin and early morning erection now you think you can do it, wait till you’ve grown to understand.

Sleeping around never makes one man or woman but leaves you hurt and miserable.

The reason you are cheating is because you’ve not grown yet, I don’t care whether you are 70, 40 30, 20 or whatever years, a cheater to me is a pure indication of immaturity no two ways about it.

You could be the one that has been cheated on, my message to you is you’ve not met real, decided, settled in mind, respectful, loyal, committed mature lovers, so don’t give up on love now, he/she will meet you sooner than you think.

You could be stuck in this kind of a relationship, if it is not a marriage you can walk away with integrity beloved, if in marriage seek help, contact me I believe a can bring sanity to your relationship, it is not the will of God that a relationship should be stressing you, the will of the father is a fulfilling relationship for his children. Cheating a heart breaking habit to both the cheater and the cheated on, #oneman #onewoman compaign# fulfilled love life# šŸš«CHEATING!!!

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