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Strong Warning Against Building of Points and Licence Renewal



Strong Warning against Building of Points and Licence Renewal






According to the NTC, teacher licences has come to stay.

Before the introduction of licence into the our noble profession,

various professional bodies like drive were already in the pit.

A lot  were happy with this introduction of license into the profession hopping we are going to be true professionals.

Little did we know that we know that they are going to take advantage and exploit us in the cause of renewal of the license

Why do we teach others to do the right thing when we ourselves cannot do same?

If we are licensed professionals,What it means is periodically, we will be  renewing the license.

What is the lay down fundamentals to the renewal of the teachers license within a specified period of years.

Teachers are told to attend workshops solely  to build 100 points within the three or four years interval for the sake of renewed purposes.

Strong Warning against Building of Points and Licence

On the contrary, teachers have to converged at various places to attend the CPD workshops to build points.

On some occasions they paid 75gh to build 8 points and other times they paid 55gh to build 2 points

Assuming a teacher is to build 100 points and by building 4 points from each CPD workshop, it means, the teacher must attend 4 times 25 CPD workshops to build the 100points.

And this is where the teacher is able to get all the 4 points for each attendance and this means the teacher must pay 75×25 summing-up to Ghc 1, 875 before his license is renewed.

If the teacher is not able to build 4 points from each attendance, then trouble for you. It means you have to attend extra workshops to claim your points.

Besides the monetary aspect of this CPD thing, the way the workshops are organized continuously  tend to distract academic work.

Strong Warning against Building of Points and Licence

We have categories of teachers such as: Basic School Teachers, Second Cycle Teachers and Special School Teachers.
In this case, in the name of professional development, all these categories of teachers are in put in one room for the workshop. what type of professionalism strategy are we developing?

Can you put doctors and nurses together and teach them because they all work at the hospital and deal with patients?

What has the teacher who has a certificate in early childhood got in common with a teacher with a certificate in basic education or what does a teacher who has a certificate of B Ed science with chemistry or physics or biology as a major has in common with a Ghanaian language teacher or what has PE teacher has in common with economics teacher.

Before the introduction of the license how many times did the employer (GES) organizing refresher courses for the employees within the four year intervals?
Why is that an estimated number of courses will be organized for teachers in the name of points building to renew license.
No where in reliable workshops should physics, chemistry and biology teachers put together in one room to be taught.

Strong Warning against Building of Points and Licence

Hell no! If our employer cannot organize professional development workshops for us freely but we have to Pay, then we must demand a better organization of such workshops and the number reduced by increasing the points per a workshop within a specified time.

It should not be centred on the money but true Professionalism.

We must also not go through hardships before our license can be renewed.

All teachers in a district must not leave the classroom the whole day to attend a workshop in the name of renewal of license.

Nagrat ,Gnat. CCT, ITU and all stake holders in education must take a better look at this license renewal and the CPD before it gets out of hand for a stich in time save nine.

Strong Warning against Building of Points and Licence

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