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A Strong Warning Against Victimization of the Current Secret Occultic Group

A Strong Warning Against Victimization of the Current Secret Occultic Group which Extracts Sperms from Already used Condoms for Spiritism And Satanic Mysticism.


There is a serious video capturing the devilish and satanism depicting  secret cult patronized mostly by prostitutes and fair ladies which is gallantly detrimental to human safety. It is A strong warning and a word of caution as well.


Undebatably, there is a secret occultic group in Ghana called “Our Ladies of the Sun”. This occultic group is sorely made up of young but fair looking ladies who are very succulent and vibrant like African marigold.


Membership is only opened to young-fair ladies inclusively. This occultic group is dedicated to making young women extremely rich through blood money with evil spiritism and mysticism practices.


The group organizes series of sex parties where Ghanaian men are used as sex victims for money spiritism. The victims sperms are collected in condoms and are gathered in a calabash for the rituals which is only performed at midnight. A strong warning to all.


It is believed that, men who become victims of this occultism face terribly horrifying problems like impotency, heart failure, prostate cancer and deadly car accidents.

Many females have attested to this fact that, they were invited by their friends into the initiation rites into the group but they roundly refused.

Some elaborated that, they were requested to have sexual intercourse with a young or teenage boy of age fifteen to help fortify them into the occultic group.

Many Ghanaians believed that, this super dangerous, inhuman and highly barbaric occultic group exist in Ghana but the most prominent and problematic ideology about it is that, we dont have idea about where it is located and who is their leader.


This is a word of caution to my dear men who engage themselves in premarital sex. After sex take your condom away. Advice your brother, son, uncle, boyfriend, father as well as our fair ladies or sisters. Be careful especially when dealing with a prostitute. A word to a worse is enough!! A strong warning and a word of caution to all.



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