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Students frustrated over security, and Accommodation issues- Police Deployed to the Chaotic School to énsure safety.

Students frustrated over Accommodation and security issues- Police Deployed to énsure safety at the Chaotic School.



Students are currently battling with Series of countless issues on campus making life very irritating and so devastating.The Students are frustrated over security, Accommodation and security issues are the key elements for restoring lives.


According to Daily Graphic, students of University of Ghana are constantly yawning for accommodation and security but finding non.They are at a very critical state.

Accommodation issues

Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Humans needs attested to the fact that, Shelter is one prominent basic need of survival. Hierarchically arranging mans needs, he realized that, apart from food and clothing, shelter is the next thing man can not do without.


However, the registration procedures students are to go through before finally accommodation is  granted to them was very rigid and cumbersome especially for the fresh students who just gained admission into University of Ghana. This issue kept on escalating day in and day out creating discomfort for students, parents or guardians.



Students frustrated over Accommodation and security issues

This forced must parent to rent  hostels at the diaspora for their wards bearing their own cost meanwhile accommodation fees was inculcated into the admission fees they paid.



Data depicts that, the school has admitted 16,000 students into level one hundred (100) meanwhile, it is capacitated to admit only 6,000 students taking into consideration the number of beds they have.



This actual brought the chaotic situation. Some students complained that, they left no stone unturned struggling to go through the online accommodation registration procedure, but surprisingly, after going through all sort of hurtic moments to complete the registration, they walk round all the halls but were told that, no availability of rooms.



Due to this unforseen impediment, some of the students were forced to ignore the school with the intention of applying next year looking at how financially demanding it is to secure a hostel after payment of huge admission fee.



The least price for hostels available is 7,000ghc which is a tagg-off war at this trying time. It was like though the 15% increment in school fees affected the hostels pricing.


Following up shows that, injunction has been placed on commonwealth and Mensah Sarbah halls.


Students frustrated over Accommodation and security issues

Authorities of the University later responded that, due to inadequate financial capability, that is why this nightmare emanated. One can recall that, during the 15% increment of school fees, UG did not agree, stating that, the rate was too low hence the consequences will be grievous or too aggravating.



One may be forced to believe that, this may be a deliberate handwork of the school authorities since they did not Concorde to the 15% increment at the initiate stage. Since this idea is not provable we have to debunk it in good faith.


Security issues.

According to graphic, the Ghana Security Service has intervened into the chaotic nature of the university which may trigger conflict. Police were therefore deployed to the University to enforce accommodation policy so as to ensure safety in the School.


Their intervention was also to serve as obstacle to the continuing students entering Commonwealth Hall following court rulling that, continuing students should be reassigned to other Halls. Upon the orders injunction was placed on these two Halls; Mensah Sarbah and Commonwealth Halls.


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Authorities implemented this idea to halt the constance violence existing between Commonwealth Hall and Mensah Sarbah Hall. This they believe will bring peace and harmony in the school. Nevertheless, this injunction placed on the halls does not affect female students and physically challenged students.


Students frustrated over Accommodation and security issues

Level 100s too were exempted hence they were accommodated in the two halls as well as students on their PHD. Programmes. Level 100s in either Commonwealth or Mensah Sarbah Halls will vacate the Halls immediately they get to level 200.


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