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Students Vandalized School Properties at University of Education Winneba.

Students vandalized school properties. Picture of the scene of demonstration with smoke

Students Vandalized School Properties at University of Education, Winneba through Demonstration.



Students Vandalized School Properties at UEW over alleged incomplete portal system.


The level 400 Students of the UEW deem it necessary to edulge in demonstration with the primitive idea that, that is the only language management of the school can understand and interprete their grievances.


This  vandalisation was in accordance with the failure of the University to display the students examination results in their portal since their level 100 time. The students were highly farious about the fact that, we are in a highly advanced technological era where challenges of this nature should not persist.


Students Vandalized School Properties

They believed it is a deliberate habituation of affluence of the school authorities. It is extremely sad and piteous that, despite the fact that they have few weeks to successful complete their 4years mandatory study of their programmes, they lack total assess to their portal hence can not emphatically boost of their performance.



They have an arbitrary illusion that, this action is a step to incriminate or massage their results. This forcefully impregnated to the demonstration and consequently destruction of school properties.

Students vandalized school properties. Picture of the scene of demonstration with smoke

Not withstanding, the studwnts have just initiated their end of semester examination. This was the last and final examination to be written before graduation. The advancement of this alooter empowered authorities to seized and denied them their right to write the examinations.


Students Vandalized School Properties

Those who were even in the process of writing exams were fully halted and the question papers subsequently taken away from them heartlessly.


Barely last two weeks, similar antagonistic drama occured. This led to the brutalization of innocent students. The authorities believed the students are tarnishing the reputation of the school established over the years.  Authorities are now dipping into the matter to find drastic and long lasting solution to the situation.


It seems that, the issue of UEW issue with lately displaying of results is an existing issue which replicates itself sequencially and consistently over the known years.

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Demonstration is however, the worst way to tackle such a delicate issue. You can write your comments in the comment section. Which drastic mechanism do you think the students should have used to the neglection of the demonstration carried out and why?.

Students Vandalized School Properties



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