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Teachers To Enjoy Responsibility Allowances as Part of Their Salaries by the end of January_ Promised By Government

Teachers To Enjoy Responsibility Allowances.picture of the president of ghana

Teachers To Enjoy Responsibility Allowances as Part of Their Salaries by the end of January_ Promised By Government


Government has categorically mentioned without exaggeration that, the long awaiting and numerous attempt made by teachers to be put onto their rightful scales as well as enjoying from the extra responsibilities they engage themselves in popularly known as responsibility allowances is going to be materialized.


He said those entitled to responsibility allowances should make it as a necessary  point to convey all their necessary documentations that support that effect and forward them to the head quarters not later than 30th December 2022.



All applicants are to note that embargo is going to be placed on these pertinent changes as from 2023. This is so due to the frozen nature of government employment as part of Internation Monetary Funds (IMF) conditionality for a maximum of three years.


Teachers To Enjoy Responsibility Allowances

This literally means that, those who will refuse to  embrace this succulent and flamboyant opportunity must wait for a maximum of four years before changes can take effect on their pay slip.


Even that is subjected to  availability of funds and other conditionality.
He made this assession after the conference of Head of Basic Schools took place specifically in the Upper East Region of Ghana, Bolgatanga.


Besides the above mention segment, The Municipal charter as well as Some Secondary School Teachers in the area made bitter pronouncement about the tragedy be falling them in terms of the same allowances issues.


However, They said, this issue is rampant among headteachers much more than before. One can be given appointment head a particular school for a maximum of five solid years with no attempt to pay such a person responsibility allowance.


Teachers To Enjoy Responsibility Allowances

This demoralize the good spirit and enthusiasm as well as the momentum gathered by the fellow to deliver diligently and wholeheartedly.  Mr. Theophilus Akwara, the Chairman of the Municipal of Conference of  Heads of Basic Schools raised this challenging episode when granted interview with Ghana news Agency.


They hosted this get together in their attempt to give fair well to four retired Headteachers. This event attracted many dignities including Ghana National Association of teachers representatives and other officials from Ghana Education service.


Mr Theophililus said that, despite the provision of all the  necessary documents needed for restoring ones responsibility allowance, most Directors are adamant about the whole show and some even demanded bribe before forwarding those documents which eventually will not meet its core mandate.


As His Excellency The president of the Republic of Ghana had his tour to the upper east Region, he  hugely made many promises to help curb our educational system equivalent to a golden island qualitatively.

Teachers To Enjoy Responsibility Allowances

We hope to survive to see all these good promises coming to from him.

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