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The Real Ages Of These Nollywood Actors & Actresses Will Shock You.


The Real Ages Of These Nollywood Actors & Actresses Will Shock You.

The Real Ages Of These Nollywood Actors & Actresses Will Shock You.




Knowing The Real Ages Of These Nollywood Actors & Actress Will Shock You. Many young looking actors and actresses emanated from the Hollywood industry. Few among them are:


Chikamso Ejiofor. This funny actor is highly linked with playing child-like roles.
He was born on 6th March 1994. This means he will be 24 years on 6th of Mach 2023. His age is actually older than his personality.


Another wonderful actress is
Ebube Obio. I personally taught this actress was a small girl untill i came across her age. Indeed her is a smart talented young girl who always add fantasy to her roles.
She look younger but a bit older.
She was born on
12 August 2004. This means she is approximately 18 years of age.


Osita Iheme A.K.A powpow. This actor has performed wonderfully in the field of performing act. Due to his hight he is capable of playing diversifying roles. He is actual one on the many actors that raised hollywood. He is flexible and very dynamic in the roles he plays. This actor was born on 20th February 1982.This clearly shows that currently speaking, he is 41 years of age. He has left an indelible and unbreakable mark in the industry.

The last but not lest is on this the list is actor Chinedu Ikedieze. This actor is popularly known as Aki. He is an influential actor with so much passion for the job. He mostly act with alot of maturity and professionalism. He has an optical illutional baby-face-liked appearance which gives him upper hand over the rest of his age mates. Actor Chinedu was born on 12th December, 1974. He is currently 48 years of age.

Conclusively, this inspirational history depict that, there is no height one can not get to if only and if you place hard work, perseverance and endurance over every thing elses.Besides, your personality such as height, age, colour, level of education can not serve as a bed rock against your success. Know one thing” in every action there is equal and opposite reaction, again a stationary body remains static unless external force act other wise. Put your plans into action and with hard work the sky is your limit.

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