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The Soul After Death Based on Metaphysics and Spirituality.

The Soul After Death Based on Metaphysics and Spirituality.

The Soul After Death Based on Metaphysics and Spirituality.





The Soul After Death Based on Metaphysics and Spirituality.

Law of gravity works in this physical world whiles law of levity works in the spiritual world. Gravity pulls objects towards the centre of the earth which is one dimension of the physical plate. Law of levity pushes objects away from hitting the physical plane. Due to this, the spirit of the death  moves per law of levity. They move by the speed of light using the mind. They can only suspend but not to stand on the physical plane.


There are three types of knowledge. These are; physical science, metaphysical science or metaphysics and spirituality. Please this is not a matter of religion. one can never understand this world holistically without having all these set of knowledge. They can also be learnt just like we spend our entire life in seeking  the knowledge of the physical science. You can never understand the world using only the physical science from school.



Physical science has to do with the interpretation of phenomena and principles using physical knowledge which has to do with careful or consistent examination and study as well as practical application of such knowledge to solve problems of existence. This knowledge dwell much more into concrete things that can be seen, felt or touch by the use of sophisticated machines or proven approaches. These knowledge is mostly used in the hospitals, farming, engineering etc.

Metaphysic is deeper and broader than physical science. It goes beyond the seen. It deals with astral world, the planets, solar system and other astral forces and how these forces affect human existence. It also try to explain how humans came into existence and the consequences of their existent using numerology and astrology.  One must note that, this is not a religion, it is about the reality of existence.



The spirituality is the last phase of knowledge of this world. This helps you understand and appreciate the living and the death. It helps you to interprete issues well. Everybody is capable of having assess to spirituality by simple identifying your pineal gland which is called the third eye and awakening it.


This helps you to know what is happening in this physical plane, the  under world and the extra world . Through this one can communicate with different beings and spirits and even instruct them. Indeed having these knowledge makes you understand that, the soule can not die. You will never fear death but will even know where you are going if you transcend from this body called death. You simple need to leave this body to obey the law of levity.



All the good  scientists and mathematician eg Aristotle, Pythagoras etc  who brought about inventions have all these knowlege. Your car can not work if you can not command a spirit to stay in. Come to think of Osofo Kantanka in Ghana.

To be continued.

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