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The Tallest Man in Ghana and Video of His Inspirational message

The Tallest Man in Ghana and Video of His Inspirational message


The Tallest Man in Ghana has finally been pinpointed and engaged in a real dialogue. It is an inspiration to hear from him as his name has technically been documented in The Guinea Book of Records as the tallest man in Ghana.


During this engagement and involvement, he spelt out all the hidden information about him.
To him, it is surprising that, most ladies desire to take photographs with him as a source of prestige.


He actually said, he willingly grant them the opportunity to take the photographs with him if one soul desires since he does not want to hurt them. But it is pretty funny for one to notice this, he added.


He lamented on the fact that, barely every three to four months, he drastically experience some form of growth in height.
He is called Sulemane Abdul Samed.
He is 9 feet’s and 6inches tall.


The Tallest Man in Ghana

According to him, he was once attacked my a mysterious sickness. This sickness caused his head and tongue to swell and expand. During this period, around 2015, he started experiencing an abnormal growth in height. He was once seen by a white man who made mention that, he had gigantism hence must go to hospital for diagnoses to halt his growth.


He added that, he has high interest in driving and so, he decided to learn the driving. But unfortunately for him, his height was a strong obstacle against that.


He is popularly called Awuche. This was a nick name given to him in his locality. He was asked whether he has a problem with how God created him? But he said no! He said, he feels proud over it and does not see it as a deformity or abnormality. He emphasized that, even though he is not marriage, he has huge interest to settle with a wife one day.


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He can not stop imagining how his children will look like, Awuche added.

The Tallest Man in Ghana

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