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The Teacher Unions Lambasting Government Over Substituting Pro. Opoku Amankwa with A Banker as a Director General.

The Teacher Unions Lambasting Government Over Substituting Pro. Opoku Amankwa with A Banker as a Director General. Video



The Teacher Unions together with some concerned teachers are furrious and disheartened by the decision taken by government.



Government publicly made it known that, Pro. Kwasi Opoku Amankwa has been sacked through a letter written by the special secretary to the president.



The letter categorically stated that, the kind of expertise needed from Pro. Opoku Amankwa as Director General has evaporated hence, he currently posses skills tentemant to cos 90 at far as managing education is concerned o Ghana.



The President appointed a new person to take over this vibrant and most delicate position. Teacher unions could not withstand the decision taken by government.


The Teacher Unions

Out of annoyance, they asked government to pinpoint at a single quality that the formal Director of Educator is lacking but can be found abundantly Pro. Eric.



The union leaders said, the newly appointed Director General is a banker by profession hence lacks the qualifications and the necessary expertise to handle educational matters in the country.



They called on government to reverse his decision before things go out of hand.


The Teacher Unions

Some concerned teachers did not understand why government always reject people who read non educational courses from being recruited as teachers because they lacks the requisite qualification but insist to appoint some one without educational background to handle educational issues.



To them, if government continues with his dicision, he is not been fear to Ghanaians. All those people rejected from entering teaching based on qualification deficit must be apologized and brought back in case he deem it necessary to carry on with his appointment.



They added that, Pro. Kwasi Opoku Amankwa is someone who has experience and passion for the job. He has taught at primary level, junior high level, secondary and tertiary levels. He is more than qualified for the job. They said government has failed to give reasonable reason about his dismisal and consequently appointing a banker.

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