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UK university traditions, Weird and wonderful

university traditionsuniversity traditions

Weird and wonderful UK university traditions

Are you hoping to study in the UK , especially on a scholarship? Here are some of our favourite university traditions to look out for! Choosing to move to the UK for postgraduate study is an exciting but nerve-wracking decision. | university traditions


You’ve probably heard about the cultural shocks some Chevening Scholars experience, including the unpredictable weather and the excessive amounts of tea people in the UK drink!


But what you might be less prepared for is that many UK universities have weird and wonderful traditions that date back hundreds of years.


Here are some of our favourite traditions that, as a future Chevening Scholar, you could find yourself getting involved in!| university traditions


‘May Dip’ – University of St Andrews

As the third-oldest university in the English speaking world, St Andrews has a very rich history. It should therefore come as no surprise that the university has a number of traditions that make studying there unlike anywhere else. One of its most famous traditions is the May Dip.


Held annually on the first of May, this unique University of St Andrews tradition sees flocks of students run into the freezing cold North Sea at sunrise. Taking part is said to cleanse any academic sins and bring good luck for exams, but if staying warm is high on your priority list, you can always just enjoy the sunrise from the beach! | university traditions


‘May Morning’ – University of Oxford

St Andrews isn’t the only university with a bizarre, but brilliant, first of May tradition.


At the University of Oxford, both students and residents will gather in the streets at the crack of dawn to hear the Magdalen College Choir sing the Hymnus Eucharisticus from the top of the bell tower. Many students stay up all night to take part in this ancient tradition, with local establishments even making an exception to their opening hours to cater for them. | university traditions


‘Cambridge week’ – University of Cambridge

Unsurprisingly, the University of Cambridge also has its fair share of traditions.


One of the more unusual of which is that the ‘Cambridge week’, as it is referred to, starts on a Thursday and ends on a Wednesday. So if you choose to pursue your Chevening Scholarship at this world-renowned university, the chances are you’ll start (and finish) classes a few days after everyone else! | university traditions


university traditions
university traditions


Exam superstitions – Birmingham and Durham University

Rumour has it that if you climb the Durham Cathedral Tower before graduating from Durham University you’ll fail your exams.


Likewise, Chevening Scholars at Birmingham University have been warned that if they walk beneath the clock tower of Old Joe when the bells are chiming, they’ll get bad luck.


Would you be brave enough to test them?

Whether you’re superstitious or not, these fun little traditions are all part of the UK student experience and will help to make you feel part of the community. Maybe you’ll even form some new traditions of your own! | university traditions


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