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University Student Who lost Both Kidneys give Caution to the General Public.

Student Who lost Both KidneysStudent Who lost Both Kidneys

University Student Who lost Both Kidneys give Caution to the General Public.

University student who lost both kidneys: This started like a job until one solid day when he was rushed to the hospital and was diagnose of kidney failure. Owusu Solomon is a level three hundred student for University of Developmental Studies.


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He developed this problem just from level one hundred. This Student spent three good years on Dialysis as a result of the kidney problem. Unfortunately this student had all his kidneys failed. About three years now he has never urinated at all. Meanwhile he continuously paid ghc1000 per a week for the dialyses till three years now.


The absolute solution for this condition is kidney transplant which will require not less than three billion old cedis. My brother and my sister, your health is your wealth. Lets take care of our diet. Good Health is the the number one wealth you have. You may not value it until the worse thing comes. Lets be guided. | Student Who lost Both Kidneys


Video of suffering student


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