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Utility tariffs increment takes effect and matters arising

Utility tariffs increment takes effect and matters arising

As announced earlier by Pubic Utilities Regulatory Commission about the newly increased tariffs taking effect on first September 2022, most Ghanaian still believe it as just a mirage.

As stated earlier, the new tariffs has nicodemously and undebatably kicked off and its provisional establishments are strictly the same involving 27.15% and 21.55% increment in electricity and water respectively. Utility tariffs increment has come to stay hence we must adjust ourselves to suit it.

Utility tariffs increment

Matters arising

Most Ghanaians were interviewed by joy news journalist about the implementation of the sudden shot up in tariffs and its impart on the global economy as well as the unemployed citizens.


It was very hurtic that, most Ghanaians raised a heated argument that, the economic conditions would rather make it difficuilt to pay for such services since we are not in normal times.


They kept hammering that, how will the poor, the most vulnerable in society and the unemployed who have families survive?

Utility tariffs increment

Ironically speaking, they gave amplification that, crime rates and social vices may be highly on the increased. This is possible since the standards of living is going to be drastically increased significantly, beyond every reasonable doubt.

There is no denying fact that, the people need to maneuver all their possible best means or ways they can to make ends meet, hence the deadly consequences.

During an interview with the city news this morning, the General Manager in Charge of external communications, Charles Nii Ayiku appealed to the general public to bear with the current crises we battling with, with the believe that, sooner than later, things may be stabilized and all the sudden occurrences in the state will also be normalized at all cost.

Utility tariffs increment

He emphatically stated, “I think Ghanaians should understand us and help us. The ties in the current economy are not hidden. We have been affected globally, this tsunami is constantly causing the depreciation of our cedis while the dollar is running like Jambo

jet. We need to support the economy and consequently the water and Electricity companies”


PURC announced the increment after utility companies including Electricity Company of Ghana and Ghana Water Company Limited proposed in tariffs by 148% and 334% respectively. The PURC mentioned that, this increment issue came to realization after vigorous analysis and extensive consultations with industry Players, as well as assessment of the economic conditions.

Utility tariffs increment

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