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Video: Nana AGradaa’s Church turned to Worrier camp After Deceiving Church members.

Video: Nana Agradaa's church. Picture of church members

Video: Nana AGradaa’s Church turned to Boxing Zone After She Tremendously harvested Church Members Money illegally.


Video: Nana Agradaas’ Church dramatically turned to Boxing Zone after she wisely scammed the Church members.


According to source, Last Sunday was announced by the contradictory woman of God as a day of super miracles.


Video: Nana Agradaa's church. Picture of church members

The church members were overwhelmed and tactically prepared towards the dey day. Low and behold, Sunday eventually happened and the church members gallantly appeared in the church in their numbers and at the right time. They were flamboyantly dressed depicting a day of speciality and seriousness.



Video: Nana AGradaa’s Church

The controversial woman ironically, had already planned very well towards the day. The church members were eagerly and spiritually waiting desperately to witness the miraculous happening of that holy day.



Surprisingly during the conductions of the church service, Nana Agradaa at a point made pronouncement that sounded hilarious. He acknowledged the presence of the church members and with all seriousness. As a step to initialize the miracle, every member of the church was asked to donate a handsome amount of money he or she can afford.



Video: Nana AGradaa’s Church

She categorically stated that, the miracle is sentenced with  money duplication.

As such, any amount you will wholeheartedly donate is going to be quantified in five folds for you. This sounded so interesting to the church members to the extend that, some members need to borrow monies from other members for the donations.


As if it was a dream! Shortly after the donation was made, Agradaa authorized for the end or closure of the church service for the day. The members became farrious and totally dumfounded for hearing the closure of the service. Their monies were careied away. The church members started vandalizing the church properties, trying  to brutalized Nana Agradaa but her security guards disallowed. She rushed out of the scene and drive  home.


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Some times back, this woman who was fetish priestesses found out the limited powers of her object of worship and holistically converted to christianity following series of cheating allegations.

It seems that, scamming character is inherint in her hence her continuous commiting of  atrocities.

Video: Nana AGradaa’s Church





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