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We don’t mourn Elizabeth – it is non of our business -EFF

We don’t mourn Elizabeth – it is non of our business -EFF


SOUTH Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party recalls the atrocities of the late Queen Elizabeth who died on Thursday.

The Queen died at the age of 96 in Scotland after a 70-year rule over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

“We do not mourn the death of Elizabeth, because to us her death is a reminder of a very tragic period in this country and Africa’s history,” the EFF said in a statement issued late last night.

The EFF reflected on the oppression of the people during the Queen’s rule in Africa, the Caribbean Islands, parts of Asia and Australia.

“Elizabeth Windsor, during her lifetime, never acknowledged these crimes that Britain and her family in particular perpetrated across the world.

“In fact, she was a proud flag bearer of these atrocities because during her reign,” the statement reads.

The political party stated that she willingly benefited from the wealth obtained from the exploitation and murder of millions of people across the world.

“The British royal family stands on the shoulders of millions of slaves who were shipped away from the continent to serve the interests of racist white capital accumulation, at the centre of which lies the British royal family,” the EFF said.

“If there is really life and justice after death, may Elizabeth and her ancestors get what they deserve,” the statement adds.

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