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What a Criminal Offence: they Raped his wife in front of him and Forced him to Masturbate as well

What a Criminal Offence.pictre of men and a woman

What a Criminal Offence: they Raped his wife in front of him and Forced him to Masturbate as well



What a criminal offence? forcing one to masturbate while raping his wife. What a super painful agony-tragedy! Two professional rapist and murderers as well, forcefully made an innocent man to Masturbate while they rape his wife nakedly in from of him from eyeball to eyeball.



This incident happened on the 14th October, 2022, 2:00noon. A closed relative of the man who was victimized sorrowfully narrated that, early morning that very faithful day, the couple planned to locomote to the near by community mainly to check on their grandparents.




The couple moved to the shuttle station to be transported to the community. As if it was a master minded planned. The driver upon reaching an isolated place where accommodation can not be found, the shuttle, all of a sudden, stoped! depicting a sign of destruction.


What a Criminal Offence

The driver irritably told all the passengers to get down for the worse thing has happened. The passengers became furious. They were segregated planning of their own means their destinations. Within a twinkle of an eye, the driver was out of coverage area.




Everyone was having his or her own destiny in his or her hands. These couple who were on mission, hurriedlyΒ  planned to take a bush feeder road to the community. No time to reflect on the risky nature of their decision. As they were going, they heard fearful footsteps behind them. Upon making an attempt to stop, the sound was automatically halted.


This even created intense fear and panic in them, the dangerous history of the forest came to their memory. They knew it was a sorrow moment, but they were defenceless. They tend to be more irritated and nervous than before.




All of a sudden, some cantankerous men appeared in front of them fearfully dressed in a disguised manner. The couple could sense danger as that mysterious hour. One of the men started touching the woman in a horrific manner. He spoke with a terrifying voice, instructed the woman to undress immediately.





What a Criminal Offence

Her husband wanted to resist but they pointed a gun on him. The man started raping the woman vigorously. In the process, he asked her husband to masturbate as he rape his wife. Out of agony and trauma, the poor man removed his “thing” and started massaging it. They finished their devilish agenda and off they went.



These couple maneuvered and returnedΒ  home. They went straight to the police station and laid a complain. The police are still investigating into the matter while the victims are in police custody now, with the fear that they may commit suicide. The incident occured at Gweru in Zimbabwe.

Source: Ghana Web.

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What a Criminal Offence

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