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What a Shock! A 17 Years BECE Candidate Delivered Today and Within 5 Hours Guess What!

What a Shock. Picture of students and a new born baby

What a Shock! A 17 Years BECE Candidate Delivered Today and Within 2 Hours Guess What!



What a shock! A 17 years old female candidate entered into labour about two hours before the commencement of the Integrated Science paper which calmly took place today.



This girl was proudly galavanting with her pregnancy from monday till the comic incident happen today. Early this morning, according to reports from Nkwanta Municipal hospital, this 17 years girl who was also writing the BECE with her husband to be in the same center, was brought to the hospital this morning while she was on labour.




Afterwards, she delivered to a bouncing baby boy, guess what happened? Within two hours, she told the midwife that, she want to go back to school for the exams.



What a Shock

The midwife together with the doctor was shocked to hear this. Even though, they insisted earlier on because she is not medically fit to go per the labour principles, but due to the pressure from her side, she was allowed to go.


What a Shock. Picture of students and a new born baby


She kept on pushing and insisting that, the Basic Education Certificate Examination is Her life and that, she can not afford to loose it. Finally, they have to allow her to go.




She got to the school and special arrangement was made for her to write the examination accompanied by report.



What a Shock

According to joy news, the 17 years old candidate was initially rushed to a nearby clinic in Nkwanta south Municipality in the Oti region. Opond their arrival, they were referred to Nkwanta Reginal Hospital where she delivered successfully.






The girl wrote the examination at Kechibi M/A R/A center. The teenage mother speaking to joy news, disclosed that, she is current fine and was preparing to finish up the examination by Friday.





She narrated that, she started experiencing stomach and abdominal pains yesterday. It never occured to her that, she will deliver. They advice her not to loss hope but should be focused and learn had.



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They advised her that, they will assist her financially if she passes well and that this should not jeopardize her future.

Source: opera news

What a Shock

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