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When will the BECE Placement 2022 be Released in Ghana

When will the BECE Placement be Released

When will the BECE Placement 2022 be Released in Ghana

Do you want to know when the Computerized School Selection and placement System will be ready? As this year’s results delayed students are asking always that “when will the placement be released?”

The truth is that, this year’s school placement will be made together with releasing of the results. These mechanisms put in place is causing the delay in the releasing of the results.


According to West African Examinations Council, This years School placement will come together with the results. This is one of the reasons why WAEC is taking more time than you expected to release this year’s. Are you bothered about the delay of the releasing of this years Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)?


WAEC is asking all candidates to to calm down and go through the school verification exercise smoothly as they work to ensure the release of the results sooner than before.


When will the BECE Placement 2022 be Released in Ghana

They are apologizing all candidates who sat for the examination to keep tempers down.


With no time the placement will kick off.

Actually the exact date for the release of the placement was not told. They gave a time frame to ensure the placement is out. Thus now till 26th, January 2023.


Immediately candidates hear the results are released, their placement will also be ready.


Candidates must therefore prepare by putting some finance aside to for results checking and purchasing of the placement codes to their individual schools.


One thing is that, there may no be time for planning immediately the results and the placements are released. This means pressure will be inculcated into system.


WAEC Advices that, messages were sent   to students to verify their placement. They should Make sure the verification is properly done.

WAEC and Ghana Education Service are not ready to redress mistakes based on students negligence.

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Besides, there will be limited time to prepare for school since the education calendar for this academic year is already  ready.

When will the BECE Placement 2022 be Released in Ghana


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