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Why me! Almost 30, No Marriage let alone Child: I cry all Day and Night- A lady shed tears.

Why me! Almost 30. Picture of a woman weeping

Why me! Almost 30, No Marriage let alone Child: I cry all Day and Night- A lady shed tears.



Why me, almost 30 years of age, very closer to my menopausal stage but no man has come to my life. I am seriously bleeding, a woman narrated.

A woman with clear evidence depicting that, she is at her late twenties lymphatically stated that, she has not gotten any serious guy to start life with ever since. Meanwhile, she is an extraordinarily beautiful and charming young loving lady, with all features intact.  Life is terribly horrible for her.



She cries all day long, but the harder she tries the worser the issue becomes. Effortlessly, she is at a point were there is no turning back. She is in total delima and a state of total hopelessness. She is constantly searching for man and finding non. She therefore deem it as a necessity to publicize her intentions.



Why me! Almost 30

She is currently calling onto able men and men of God who can pray seriously for her to halt her singleness . One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Probably, a woman of 31 years or more is in somewhere still galavanting and looking adamant.



Nevertheless, menopause is awaiting you.
This woman is very wise and seems to care about her current age as a red flag. She sees her life to be useless without a man or a child. As the adage goes ” behind every successful man, there is a caring loving woman and vice versa.




Humans are social organisms. Life is not complete without the opposite sex. Brother, sister, you may try to endeurvour, but it will not work because that is not natural. Every thing on earth has is buoyancy period and expiry date. After a flower produces fruits and seeds, that beautiful and flamboyant petals can not be found again.




They will shed alway. Such is life. During adolescent and young adult stages when all hormones are actively working, almost every one at that time is specially beautiful or handsome. My dear ladies, take an advantage of that period to settle down if possible. Atop using your body thinking that,, you are wise. It is rather a threat to your life and your womanhood



Why me! Almost 30

Sooner than later, you will look inwards and outwards extremely old and ugly. At this time, churches and men of God will have to enjoy your labour all in the name of prayers and deliverance. The best person to deliver you without a havoc is the creator. And he has already delivered you.




Stop that premarital sex and marry. As for the men, they need to prepare financially a bit. This preparation should have a time limit. Because you have gotten free women to sleep with, you hardly think and care about marriage abi? Dont worry, you are digging your own grave.




The little you have qualifies you to settle with a wife who will only demand the performance of customary marriage. Such a person is a wife material. But if you so desire, and wants to follow slay queens based on boots, nyaas, Coka cola shape, skin colour etc. Then start selling your future chicks.



The moon moves slowly but till day breaks it crosses the sky. A cooking pot for the lizard is a cooking pot for the chameleon. Think about this and guess what! You may be late in life. Mean while Mr. death is at your door steep. Think twice. Follow your friends and regret forever.

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Why me! Almost 30

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