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Words of wisdom. What ever happens, happens for good

Words of wisdom. What ever happens, happens for good.


Words of wisdom. Once upon a time, there was a a powerful King. He had a minister. The King’s minister was very wise. He often used to say, “what ever happens, happens for good”

One day, the kind was cleaning his sword and the minister sitting closer to him.

Suddenly, the sword fell on the King’s feet, and one toe of his foot was cut off.

Just then, the minister said, ” whatever happens, happens for good”.


Words of wisdom. What ever happens, happens for good


The King was very angry hearing this. The King asked “what is good about this?”

The King ordered for the minister to be imprisoned.

The minister did not feel sorrow for this. When the minister was leaving for jail, he again said, ” what ever happens, happens for good”.

The King was amazed to hear this. Two months passed after this incident.

One day, the King and his soldiers went for hunting in the forest.

Riding on horses, they all entered the dense forest.


Words of wisdom. What ever happens, happens for good


While chasing a deer, the King went More deeper into the forest. He got separated from his soldiers.

Not only the King could not kill the deer, he also lost his way out the forest.

As the king was seriously searching for his way home, suddenly, he was sorrounded by a strange group of people.

The people captured the King and presented him before their chief priest. These people were looking for a stranger for their sacrifice.

They started playing their drums in happiness. They bathed the King, dressed him in new clothes.

They put a rosary of flowers around his neck, and made him ready for the sacrifice.

Just when they were about to kill him, the chief priest say that, one toe of the King was cut off.

Seeing this, he ordered all the drums to be stopped and said, ” this man can not be sacrificed, because he is incomplete.

The deity will become angry instead of being happy if incomplete person is sacrificed.

So they freed the King. The King happily returned home.

When he came back, he thought about what happened in the forest and said, ” if one of my toes was not cut off, those people would have killed me”. It means the minister was right. What ever happened, happened for good.

He ordered the soldiers to get the minister out of the jail.

He gave him back his ministorial position.

The king said, “I have now understood that, what ever happens, happens for good but you were jailed for two months and have to suffer too much, what good happened to you?

Words of wisdom. What ever happens, happens for good

The minister smiled and said, “my Lord, I was your prime minister, and I used to be always with you. Had I not been jailed, I would have been with you that day.

The people left you because your toe was cut off.

For me, my body is complete, and if I was with you, they would have definitely sacrificed me.

That is why, it is good that, I was jailed and was not with you that day.

It saved your life and saved my life also.

That is why I always say that, what ever happens, happens for good.

Live as a simple person, and allow nature to work.

If you observe your life, there are times you feel that, something really bad is happening to you. Or you may say, this shouldn’t have happened to me.

But after some times, if you look back, you feel that, whatever happened at that time, happened for good.

In fact, we try to judge each event with our intelligence.

But in reality, our intelligence is also limited.

We can not judge fairness or unfairness of any event with our limited intelligence.

The whole world is based on Karma.

He who does good deeds, gets happiness.

And he who does bad deeds, gets sorrow.

So, if you are going through a sad phase, then always remember that, your bad Karma is being spent.

Nature is taken you towards progress all the time.

This creation was not done by your enemies.

That is why, nothing wrong can happen in this world.

So, remove the thought from your mind that, anything bad can happen to you.

And also remember that, what ever happens, happens for good.

Words of wisdom. What ever happens, happens for good




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