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You qualify to teach in US if you meet the following requirements as international applicant

teach in USteach in US

You qualify to teach in US if you meet the following requirements as international applicant.

There are certain requirements to teach in US. Applicants who possess the following requirements have an advantage and an opportunity to teach in US. Such applicants are encouraged to apply through here

The applicant must

1. be a non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

2. have a high English proficiency.

3. obtain a university degree in teacher education. Review degree equivalencies here.

4. possess a driver’s license.

5. have at least two years of full-time teaching experience post-grad with students between the ages of 5-18.

6. vaccinate against COVID-19. Learn more about this requirement.

7. be currently teaching 5-18 year-olds.

8. be available to teach with Participate Learning for at least two years.

Teachers who meet these qualifications are encouraged to apply.


teach in US


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The United States of America is considered as the land of opportunities. The country is noted for what is what ‘the American dream’. Apart from the opportunity to teach in the country, applicants from foreign countries have the opportunity to school and learn new skills in the country.


The teaching and learning environment provide proper tools and material that make teaching and learning lively. This is missing in most foreign countries especially in African countries.


However, applicants must be ready to work since there is no room for unjustifiable excuses. The remuneration is also apt for work done. Applicants also have the opportunity to bring their families along to the United States of America.

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