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2022/2023 BECE Graduates Must Know SHS Courses and Subjects To Read.

2022/2023 BECE Graduates Must Know SHS Courses and Subjects

2022/2023 BECE Graduates Must Know SHS Courses and Subjects To Read.


One must note that, the decision to read a particular course is a major decision. This 2022/2023 BECE Graduates Must Know SHS Courses and Subjects To Read. The course you offered at SHS affects you for the rest of your life.



This stage is very critical hence demand concrete decision since it reflects your future.



Difference between Elective subjects and Core subjects?



Core courses are mandatory courses you must study to meet the requirements of your program but Electives are courses you can choose, allowing you to study topics that interest you. Electives, when added to your core courses, make up the total number of units needed to complete your program in the Senior High School



Electives subjects usually refer to subjects to be chosen within a range of options where opting for one or more subjects is compulsory. In some cases elective and optional mean the same thing, while in other cases optional refers to a subject that is not compulsory.


You are very lucky to tap on this article. Take your time and read the detailed information from this post as it will enlighten you on the Senior High School courses and their respective Elective subjects together with some job opportunities. Below are some of the courses offered in the Senior High School in Ghana.


General Arts:

General arts is the generalized study of the liberal arts and sciences. These courses are sometimes referred to as “classical education studies.” The curriculum in general arts is on general knowledge and intellectual capacities, Science, Literature and Language. Arts is one of the most creative streams. Arts offers many booming career opportunities that are out of the box and interesting to take up.




There are certain misconceptions about the Arts stream that only the students who score less in Science choose Arts out of helplessness which is completely wrong. Therefore, if chosen wisely, a career in Arts stream will give food to your thought and help you fulfil all the dreams. Students who have pursued the Arts courses will be happy to know that there are an abundance of high salary career options available such as Content writter or Blogger, Event Management, Government Jobs, Social Worker, Social Media Manager, Wildlife Photography, Growth Hacker, Creative Director or Journalist and many more which can not be outlined.



The following are the numerous of elective subjects available to student who want to offer General Arts as his or her course of study Economics, Government, Christian Religious Studies, History, Geography, Elective Mathematics, Fanste, French, Asante Twi, Literature and many others.



General Science:

SHS General Science Programme is a designed programme that involves the study of the natural phenomenon through a systematic approach of science: hypothesis, experiments, observation, and arriving at some logical conclusions. It elective subjects are Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Elective Mathematics and In some schools Geography.



Business is a course that prepare student for the business world. Below are the election subjects that a student willing to offer business will select from. Business Management, Principles Of Account, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Elective Mathematics and Economics.

Visual Arts:


Visual Arts is designed programme that involves the studying of Ceramics, General Knowledge In Art, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Design Craft and many more.



General Agriculture:

The word Agriculture was derived from the Latin word ‘Ager’ meaning soil or field and ‘cultural’ meaning cultivation. There Agriculture is a science which deals with food and fibre production and processing. The following are the elective subjects to be studying as a General Agriculture student; Animal Husbandry, Chemistry, Crop production, Elective Mathematics, and many others depending on the school’s capacity.


Home Economics

This is one of the courses study in Senior High School that can track and offer various specialization that can lead to livelihood project at home. This course also aims to give a learner job-ready skills that can help in finding the right employment. The following are elective subjects to be read as home economics student in SHS; Food and Nutrition, Management In Living, Economics, Biology or Chemistry, General knowledge In Art (G. K. A).



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