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2022/2023 BECE Home Economics Past Questions and Answers. 

2022 Home Economics Past Questions and Answers.

2022/2023 BECE Home Economics Past Questions and Answers.



2022/2023 BECE Home Economics Past Questions and Answers.

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2. a. Explain why rayon is called artificial silk


Answer to a 

-Rayon is refered to as artificial Silk because, it has the characteristics of silk. It is produce from wood poof and cotton lintex.


b.State three types of buttonholes


Answer to b

– Rouleau loops
– Machined buttonhole
– Worked buttonhole


c. Name three factors to consider in choosing openings and fastenings

Answer to c

– the age of the wearer
– the texture of the fabric
– the position of the opening
– the length of the opening
-the style of the garment
– the colour of the opening should match the colour of the garment
– the type of fastening should be suitable to the garment.


d. State two methods of attaching collars



Answer to d

– collars that are self neatened
-collars attached with facing
– using cross way strips


e. List one example of the following;
i. Flat collar

Ii. Turn over collar

Iii. Standing collar



Answer to e

I. Flat colour– peter pan, sailor’s collar etc

Ii.Turn over collar –shirt collar or shawl collar.

Iii. Standing collar– mandarin or chinese collar or polo collar.


f. Explain three reasons why a boy’s pair of short is patched


Answer to f.

– to last long
– to save money
– to make the short useful again
-to retain its original beauty
– to make it attractive


g.i. define seam

Answer to gi

A seam is formed when two or more layers or pieces of fabrics are joined together neatly and securely which a permanent stitch.


Ii. State two rules for making seams.

Answer to gii.

– use matching thread
– it should be near and flat
– seams of the same kind should have the seam width through out the garment.
– the age of the wearer

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