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BECE Home Economics 2022/2023 Past Questions and Answers from Marking Scheme

2022 Home Economics Paper Questions and Answers from Marking Scheme

BECE Home Economics 2022/2023 Past Questions and Answers from Marking Scheme





BECE Home Economics 2022/2023 Past Questions and Answers

 Question one


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Question two

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Question 3

3.a. Outline four reasons for storing food item

Reasons for storing foods

– to avoid spoilage
– to avoid food wastage
– to retain its nutritive value
-to last long

b. State the portion control of the following food item per an adult:

I. Plantain

Ii. Rice

Iii. Yam


Portion control for the ff:

I. Plantain— four medium fingers

Ii. Rice — 100grams

Iii. Yam— 200grams

c. State three importance of portion control


Importance of portion control

– to prevent wastage of food
– it saves money
– it makes food last for long
– to give the body just what it needs

d. A housewife prepared abolo by baking instead of steam. State four advantages for her using baking method


Advantages of baked abolo

-it is attractive
– baked abolo has high keeping quality
– it is tasty and appetizing
– it requires little attention
– it save fuel or baking is economical
-Nutrients are maintained
– it maintain its shape


e. List three examples of;
I. Large equipment

Ii. Small equipment


Large equipment
– cabinets
– cupboard
– shelves
– cookers
– sinks
– refrigerator


Small equipment
– pestle
– blender
– ladle
-rolling pins
– cups
– washing bowls


f. Enumerate five methods of preserving fresh fish


Ways of preserving fresh fish

– salting
– smocking
– freezing
– drying
– canning
– pickling
– curing
Note: frying is wrong❎
Examiners explained that frying is a method of cooking hence it is not accepted here even though it can preserve food. You should note that, not all the answers in text books are accepted by WAEC.


BECE Home Economics 2022/2023 Questions and Answers from Marking Scheme

Question 4

4.a. State one suitable cooking method for the following:
Example; bread and cake—-baking
I. Egg and fish

Ii. Tough cut of meat and beans

Iii. Yakayaka and kpokpoi

Iv. Doughnut and pancake

V. Yam and soup


Answer to a

I. Egg and fish— frying, boiling, stewing.

Ii. Tough cut of meat and beans— Boiling, stewing.

Iii. Yakayaka and kpokpoi— Steaming

Iv. Doughnut and pancake—- frying

V. Yam and soup— boiling.


b.Give two reasons why meat is cooked


Reasons why meat is cooked

– to make it edible
– to eliminate rawness
– to kill germs
– for easy digestion
– cooked meat is tasty and appetizing


c. Mrs. Johnson decides to become a vegetarian; give three reasons for her decision.

Reasons her decision:

– finds eating animal flesh unpleasant
– for religious reasons
– health issues or reasons
-she think meat is expensive
– does not like the idea of killing animals for food
– She fells more fit and healthy without eating animals flesh.

d. Outline three permanent stitches used for decoration


Permanent stitches for decoration

– herringbone
-loop or blanket stitch
– buttonhole stitch
– satin
– chain stitch
– whipped running
-french knots
-stem stich
– cross


e. Mention four synthetic fibres


Synthetic fibres

– nylon
– crimplene
– dacron
– lycra
– scuva

Note; fibres like rayon and acetate were not accepted because they are under different chemical types . For example rayon is a regenerated fiber.

g. Give one suitable seam for a child’s dress

Seams suitable for a child’s dress

– plain seam
French seam
– flat and fell or machine fell

2022 Home Economics Paper Questions and Answers from Marking Scheme


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